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High Blood Pressure: Symptoms such as this sign of early warning could mean that you risk


High blood pressure – is insidious and potentially fatal condition. Constant high blood pressure can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. In the UK, home to more than one four-person, but many people do not realize this, because the symptoms can be seen. However, people should remain vigilant and aware of these signs – one of the earliest warnings refers to cognitive function.

According to research published in the journal "Neurology", high blood pressure is associated with memory problems in people over 45 years.

The study found that people with high diastolic blood pressure, which is a & # 39 is the smallest number in blood pressure readings, are more common in cognitive disorders, or problems with memory and thinking skills, than people with normal diastolic readings.

With each increase in reading by 10 points person's chances of problems with cognition were 7 percent higher.

The results were true after adjustment for other factors that could affect cognitive abilities, such as age, state of smoking, exercise level, education, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

The study involved about 20 000 people, aged 45 years and older across the country who participated in the reasons of geographic and racial differences in stroke (Trade) and have never had a stroke or mini-stroke.

A total of 1505 participants, or 7.6%, had problems with cognitive problems, and 9.844, or 49.6%, were taking medication for high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is defined as the reading of equal to or higher than 140/90, or take the medication for high blood pressure.

"It is possible that by preventing or treating high blood pressure, we could potentially prevent cognitive disorders, which can be a precursor to dementia," – said study author Georgios Tsyvigulis, MD, of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a member of the American Academy. Neurology.

Like high blood pressure causes impairment of cognitive abilities? Studies have shown that high diastolic pressure leads to a weakening of the small arteries of the brain that can lead to small areas of the brain damage.

Tsivgulis said that you have to confirm the link between high blood pressure and impaired cognitive actions.

"Research REGARDS with & # 39 is one of the largest in population studies factors for stroke risk based on the population. These recent findings suggest that high blood pressure may be a risk factor for cognitive decline, but further research is required to understand the cause-and-effect relationships , "said the deputy director of NINDS J. Walter. Karashets and Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology.

"National Institutes of Health are currently conducting a large clinical trial to evaluate whether aggressive pressure reduction and a decrease in a number of important health consequences, including reduced cognitive nature", – he added.

The findings underscore the importance of NHS recommendation, which states that all adults over age 40 are advised to check the blood pressure, at least every five years.

"Doing this is easy and can save your life", the NHS said.

A person can check their blood pressure in a number of places, including:

  • With local GP surgery
  • In some pharmacies
  • As part of the NHS Health Check
  • In some workplaces

A person can also check your blood pressure at home using a blood pressure monitor.

According to the health of the body, the following lifestyle changes can prevent and lower high blood pressure:

  • Reduce the amount of salt you eat, and generally healthy diet
  • Cut alcohol
  • Lose weight if you are overweight
  • exercise regularly
  • cut caffeine
  • quit smoking
  • Try to get at least six hours of sleep a night
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