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Line D & # 39; yutsi Series 5 Episode 1 | Summary and issues like Maneet left for dead Balaclava gang


Line D & # 39; yutsi five series is back – and we are already tying themselves in knots trying to unravel the plot.


We also can not get over what happened at the end of the first series, because that dramatic death Maneet! Disgraced policeman was left for dead with her throat cut and blood pouring out of the now infamous line D & # 39; yutsi berth. She may have been spying AC-12, but we can not feel heartbroken about her murder. RIP Maneet.

And another great discovery: "balaclava man" Stephen Graham, John Corbett & # 39 is an undercover police officers! But it is still true to the police, and that he plays? Plot thickens.

Here are five big questions we puzzling over after one episode (NOTE: SPOILERS)

1. a & # 39 Hastings is «H»? Hilton was really to blame?

Line D & # 39; yutsi S5

Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) is quite confident that OPS Derek Hilton (Paul Higgins) was «H» – but the more he insists on the fact that with the Hilton & # 39 is the ultimate top dog, the less inclined to believe him. The same applies to the DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure), who clearly have suras & # 39; serious doubts about the court in the illuminator.

"It was one hell of a journey at this point, is not it?» Hastings asks, AC-12, since it is a cork board with a printout Hilton face on it under the letter «H». "Small mercies, recognition Maneet to put the final nail in the coffin Hilton. Hilton knew about Malhotra, oh yes – he was alone. He was a senior police officer, who has been running the show for organized crime. Killing himself was the only decent thing that man has ever made. H, finally. Well done everyone. Well done. "

But if DS Steve Arnott (Compston) says that the only undercover officer in Balaclava gang be able to prove 100% right illuminator, Kate adds, "Or to prove that he is wrong."

ACC Hilton in the line of duty

ACC Hilton in duty (BBC)

Although a lot of evidence now shows to conspiracy and corruption Hilton, this is not in any case it is not clear that he was a police insider, which ultimately under the control of organized crime. Also surprisingly, Hastings Hilton accepted death as "suicide", despite the fact that he died in the same place where the three series in a social worker and informants Oliver Stevens Lloyd was killed in another production of "suicide." (And now Maneet was also in this place, it is even clearer than ever that the Hilton was killed by the same organization.)

Yes … Hastings really real «H»? And … that's why he pressed on all Hilton?

Writer Jed Mercury has been teasing us with this final line of duty conspiracy theories from the end of the four series, and now it is increasing suspicion. In the first series we see Lisa McQueen phone ring on her passenger seat as an "unknown number" flashes; She ignores him. Meanwhile, Hastings shows calling someone who is not able to pick up. Hastings was calling Lisa?

2. Maneet remains dead – but what about the end of that error in its phone vodka?

Maya Sondhi plays PC Maneet Bindra in the line of duty

Duty line has a reputation for sharply killed key characters, and now it's time to say goodbye to the police constable Maneet Bindra (Maya Sondhi). Balaclava ruthless man abruptly cut her throat in the last seconds of the episode one, leaving her for dead on the docks, as her blood flowed between the wooden slats.

To be fair, we probably should have seen the writing on the wall when she showed the video of Kate with her two wonderful children. She might as well have said that it is the cops on her last day before retirement.

In the interrogation room AC-12, Hastings & Co. finally learn that Maneet was a leak in the ACC Hilton (and blamed on the DC Jamie Desford, using your computer). leverage Hilton was a cousin Maneet in Vihan Malhotra (Maanuv Thiara), which was in danger of dismissal of a number of errors.

"It is true, ACC Hilton Vihan used to blackmail me … Hilton said that the pull strings, if I kept him in the loop," cries Maneet, finally admitted. "Then he put more pressure on me to show more and more sensitive material."

Or independently of it, or are intimately connected, was Vihan position as a police officer for insider Balaclava gang. He worked as a civil administrator in the police and was involved in the organization of treatment and disposal of controlled substances, so they targeted him for this theft of a drug convoy ED905; pretending to help him to consolidate and pay off their gambling debts, Lisa McQueen (Rochenda Sandall) received enough information to blackmail him to switch to the appropriate information. £ 25,000 in cash also helped.

But, despite all the efforts Maneet, to keep her beloved cousin from the radar, Vihan actions were discovered, and he was in jail awaiting trial. At this point, Maneet, seems to have decided to go full-on moles, approaching the band and offers its services as a police insider in exchange for protection Vihan inside the prison.

Debt Line - Lisa McQueen and John Corbett

"I passed the information to the OPS the Hilton, I could do the same for you," she says Lisa and member Miroslav gang (May Tomi) or with & # 39;. Is that the flicker of reaction on the Hilton name or indifference?

But it all went wrong for Maneet. Although Lisa is keen to cooperate and has a call in a tip-off about the drug gang in tow Slater, John Corbett (Stephen Graham) does not trust her. He kidnapped her – and when he opens the back part of your phone vodka, he finds some listening or tracking devices on its microchip. Game over for Maneet, and bad news for Lisa, who is in Big Trouble with her boss.

So who put the chip in there? Whether it was John, wanting to send a policeman who could find his true identity? He planted a chip in your phone to discredit the Lisa Court? It seemed that he knew exactly what he was looking for, and where. On the other hand (and this seems less likely) may Maneet attempted pass into the gang by the name AC-12 as a kind of double bluff, and we just do not know about this yet?

3. with the & # 39 is an undercover cop Stephen Graham John Corbett is damaged or not?

Line Of Duty S5 - Episode 1

Steve and Kate spent the entire episode on the assumption that Lisa McQueen was UCO (undercover officer), who works in the OPG (organized criminal group), and then – surprise, surprise – it turned out that she was just a bona fide criminal. It sways over the shooting policeman woman in cold blood had nothing to do with being an undercover cop. Maybe she just got a little too much conscience.

Instead, the secret nature of the officer Stephen Graham, a menacing gang leader Balaklava John Corbett.

So, what are the consequences of this great change?

Despite the extremely reluctantly, Hastings, finally, pulling some of the details of Detective Superintendent Alison Powell (Susan Vidler). Corbett embedded in a transaction Peartree, but it's been months and months, as a communication port or staff cover lost contact with him. "We can not be sure what happened, is a deep cover operation," she says.

It is so secretly protected files in the database for the management of information by the police data Police (Mopite) notice. "I brought an external force to lead on specific operations authorized at the highest level, and we have done a good job of keeping it hidden," she says. And "our operation is at a critical stage, it is best to leave our asset on the spot."

At this point, Corbett has gone rogue? What game does he play? And who is it actually work?

4. Why did Kate get a promotion – not Steve?

Vicky McClure plays DI Kate Fleming in the line of duty - 5 Series

"Steve, are you okay to open the case number?"


Phew. Here we learn that Kate Fleming is now a detective, while Steve Arnott remains Sgt. Kate before his junior – and now she is "one rank higher."

In four series, it seemed to have been built by Steve DI. So what has changed in the two years since we last visited the AC-12? Hopefully we'll find out …

5. What happens in Balaclava gang?

Line Of Duty S5 - Episode 1

Corbett, seem to call the shots, and has its own office in the back room KINGSGATE Printing Services, gang headquarters. But Lisa clearly has an important role, possibly, his second in command.

If it's the same organized criminal group, which has been running for at least eight years, what history there? As each of them rise to power and why Corbett said that it is full to give the League a second chance?

Duty line extends on Sundays at 9pm on BBC1

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