Saturday , April 17 2021

Liverpool will cause a massive upset against PSG when they start this wildcard – agree? |

Throughout the season, Klopp has fumbled several times with his Liverpool team, but there are some areas that will be taken currently.

Typically, the front three consist of Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadia Mans, while the defense has only minor tweek.

Midfield, though, where Klopp does not seem to know what works best.

The German coach has several options, with Jordan Henderson and Keith Nabi is currently suitable.

Against Watford, Henderson and Wijnaldum was sitting in the middle of the park in a 4-2-3-1, but the former was sent.

James Milner may come in the way, while Fabinho and Kate also insist on the spot.

If you have not seen a strange new Instagram post of Patrice Evra, then you need to check out the video below …

Liverpool need to get a result against PSG at the Parc des Princes, to ease the pressure heading into their final group game against Napoli.

Thus, if two people take Klopp midfield in France, what do you think should start visiting the collision?

Let us know by voting below.

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