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NASA creates a helicopter to fly to Mars in 2021


NASA has successfully completed the first test flight of the helicopter, which was built to fly to Mars, as the space agency hopes to find new ways to explore the red planet.

The helicopter is scheduled to reach Mars for two years within the framework of the Mars 2020 rover NASA mission, the purpose of which is to & # 39 is to answer key questions, such as whether people can live a day in harsh conditions.

But flying is not going to be easy. Remote control of the helicopter from the hundreds of millions of miles, on top of the thin atmosphere and temperatures as low as -90 ° Mars, with 39 & # is extremely difficult technical feat.

To ensure its success, NASA had to repeat the environmental conditions of the red planet in its Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

"Martian atmosphere with a & # 39 is only about one percent of the density of the Earth," said Project Manager NASA MiMi Aung.

"Our test flights may have a similar density of the atmosphere in the world – when you put Aerodrome 100,000 feet (30.480 meters), so you can not go somewhere and find that you need to do it …"

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