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The man paid £ 64,000 a friend sexually abused two-year-old girl

The man paid his friend £ 64,000 for the production and provision of child pornography images and videos vulnerable girls at the age of two.

Andrew Barker, with dogs Kennel Lane in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire met 28-year-old Paul Dos Reis, through the work before the pair started a romantic relationship in 2012.

53-year-old then paid Dos-Reis, with Greencroft Gardens in Enfield, north London, to provide a picture of abuse, extreme pornography and video yourself with the child for four years.

Andrew Barker paid Paula Dos-Reis send him child pornography images (Picture: SWNS)

The victim between the ages of two and six years old at the time of the terrible pair of 2014 and 2017.

She is now receiving specialist support, but will suffer long-term injuries as a result of her ordeal, a police spokesman confirmed.

The duo finally arrested after an investigation the National Crime Agency put his years of abuse.

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"This is a toxic relationship flourished from the sickening abuse of very young child with dos Reis brazenly came in the financial and Barker financing abuse for his own twisted pleasure, said a spokesman for the NSPCC.

"What is paramount to the & # 39 is that the victim receives continuous support and that those responsible for their suffering to undergo treatment while in prison in order to reduce the risk they pose to children in the future.

In Luton Crown Court, dos Reis and Barker admitted a string of crimes, including bringing a child under the age of 13 years to engage in sexual activity, storage at pornography and making and distributing indecent images of children from January 2011 to June 2017 year.

Judge Andrew Goymer described the crime couples as "horrific" on 26 November.

28-year-old abused child when she was between the ages of two and six (Picture: SWNS)

Dos Reis was jailed for six years, while Barker to serve his sentence of six years and nine months.

They both were also posted on the registry of sex offenders for life and made the subject of prevention of sexual harm the Order for 12 years.

"Our top priority in this case was to keep the young victim, who is now safe and continues to receive the support of experts, as actions Dos Reis and Barker will have a lifelong effect on her," Detective Sergeant Mike Birch, with Hertfordshire Police Children's Internet team Defense He said.

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"Although, Dos-Reis and Barker had already been imprisoned, it is not where it ends, we are now working to capture the money dos Reis received under the proceeds of crime."

The representative Herfordshire Constable added: "A man and a woman who worked together to scold the child were imprisoned.

«Paula Dos-Reis, aged 28, and Andrew Barker, at the age of 53 years, admitted a string of crimes.

"A pair began a relationship, which later turned Dos-Reis ensure abuse images and video of her with a child in exchange for payments.

"The victim between the ages of two to six years, if the abuse has occurred. In total dos Reis received about £ 64,000 in payments from Barker.

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