Tuesday , January 19 2021

The probe was launched after nearly 80 cases of coronavirus infection were found at a Scottish meat-packing plant.

Health officials have launched the probe after nearly 80 positive cases of coronavirus infection were detected at Scottish meat plants.

Macintosh Donald, based in Portleton, Aberdeenshire, reported that 79 workers suffered from a potentially fatal error.

A team of plant managers, NHS and Scottish environmental and nutrition standards management has been set up to manage accidents.

In recent months, meat plants across Scotland have been affected by coronavirus outbreaks.

The outbreak occurred in Macintosh Donald

NHS Grampian offered tests to all employees, approximately 200 accepted the offer.

A spokeswoman for the health department said: “We are investigating 78 detected cases of COVID-19 infection related to the Kepak McIntosh Donald plant in Portleton.

“An incident management team has been set up with a representation of the NHS, the plant, the environment and food standards of Scotland.

“After a small number of confirmed cases involving the plant – and after discussions with management there – on Monday we offered all employees asymptomatic testing.

“More than 200 employees have accepted the offer. These results are now being processed and explain much of the increase in our cases at Grampian.

“They’re not the only reason for today’s increase in cases – we continue to see other groups of cases, and the virus continues to circulate in the community.

“We are working closely with Cap Mackintosh Donald and a number of other partners to ensure that all the right controls are in place.

“At this point, there is no evidence to suggest that this cluster has spread beyond those working in the plant.

“Given the large number of people who have been tested, it is likely that the following cases may be confirmed in the coming days.

“As noted above, COVID-19 is distributed in society. Everyone should remember the” FACTS “guide and play their part in the most limited distribution.”

A plant spokesman told P&J: “Kepak continues to work diligently to put the safety and well-being of staff and suppliers first throughout the pandemic, introducing a wide range of Covid-19 safeguards and protocols on each of our sites across the UK and Ireland. .

“These stringent protocols are constantly being revised and updated to ensure compatibility and compliance with the latest measures taken by the governments of the UK and Ireland, while our local teams continue to fully interact with relevant health authorities.

“As the situation with Covid-19 continues to evolve and we learn more about the virus, we have updated our procedures and transferred the knowledge gained to the business.

“We support our employees with regular updates, training and guidance, as well as activated verification solutions to ensure that our teams are safe at all times.” Meat processing is designated by the governments of the UK and Ireland as an important service to ensure continuity. providing food during this pandemic.

“Continuing to work in our plants is only possible through the commitment and efforts of our employees, our suppliers, trucking companies and service providers.”

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