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Theresa May fighting a barrage of criticism over the "tainted" the transaction Brexit

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Theresa May has faced a barrage of criticism from the Tory deputies and members of the opposition, within 24 hours after EU leaders backed her Brexit deal on Sunday.

Leading the charge Jeremy Corbyn called her to "bad bargain", saying it leaves the UK with "the worst of all worlds."

"Prem & # 39; -Minister may want to try to sell yesterday's summit as a great success, but to draw the phrase reality" nothing has changed ", he said.

"Prem & # 39; -Minister says that if we do not accept the deal it us back to the starting point."

Criticism continued with members of his party, which calls for it to show a "plan B"

Ahead of waiting for significant voting December 11 there was a clear lack of support for the deal in May the House of Commons.

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The only voice back Mey came from former Secretary of Education Nicky Morgan.

She said: "It's the simplest thing in the world for people to criticize any deal that they did not carry out the negotiations."

An indication of how deeply the opposition goes one senior Conservative political editor told ITV News & # 39; Robert Peston, that Labor and opposition MPs are Brexit briefing senior staff Tories, including the head of Mrs. Mae headquarters Gavin Barwell.

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In a fiery exchange with the prime minister's & # 39; er Minister Ian Blackford also took aim at the plan Mrs. May for a televised debate.

"Will the prime minister's & # 39;? -Minister discussion with the First Minister of Scotland," he asked.

His comments come as the company's stake in the style of May to convince the majority in Parliament to support her Brexit deal may include debates with Jeremy Corbyn.

When asked about the idea, first reported in the Daily Telegraph, a spokesman for Prime Minister & # 39; er minister did not exclude it, but said that Ms. May "regular" work debate leader.

The representative of the work insisted Mr. Corbin will "relish" head to head showdown.

Teresa My Addressing deputies in the House of Commons on the eve expect significant vote on 11 December.

Prem & # 39; er said to her office on Monday morning that the endorsement on Sunday of the withdrawal agreement, and the future framework for EU leaders was "an important moment", which proved wrong those who said it would not be possible to reach an agreement.

Press Secretary Ms. Mei told reporters, "Prem & # 39; er colleagues Minister today congratulated her and thanked her for all her hard work in making this deal."

Two hours meeting also heard an update z-the Barclay on preparations for possible Brexit nya-deal, which continue despite a deal to be agreed in Brussels.

Theresa May comes back from Brussels to deep internal divisions over its approved plan to leave the European Union. Credit: PA

Ms. May said the Commons "with absolute certainty" that "there is no better deal available" after the EU leaders made it clear it is not for the revision.

Prem & # 39; -Minister warned, dismissing her case would "open the door to more divisions and uncertainty, with all the risks that entails."

At the historic summit in Brussels on Sunday, the leaders of the other 27 member countries took less than 40 minutes to approve the deal.

Mei will now put to the vote Deputies before Christmas, but the fight is worth to get it through the House of Commons under intense opposition as the resolution and still maintain the wing of her party.

Why PM to seek a debate?

It has already launched a campaign to sell its transactions directly to the public in the hope they can win the round support of MPs who are opposed to the plan before the vote Commons.

This may include a marked shift in the television debates, which the prime minister's & # 39; er famously avoided after calling early elections in April last year.

The potential for a televised debate, the representative of the Labor Party said: "Jeremy would have relished the debate head to head with Theresa May about his failed transaction Brexit and future of the country."

Mr. Corbin responded to Sunday endorsement by EU leaders.

He said that the deal "with the & # 39 is the result of a helpless failure of negotiations, that leaves us with the worst of all worlds."

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As an attempt to convince the deputies of the PM in the House of Commons?

Address Theresa May will say more benches behind her than the opposition to block her case. Credit: PA

In a statement, House of Commons, Prime Minister's & # 39; er, the minister said: "It is our duty as the Parliament in the coming weeks to examine this transaction in detail to discuss it with the respect to listen to our constituents and to decide what in our national interests.

"There is a choice that MPs should do. We can support the deal, put to the vote at the referendum and move on to building a brighter future of opportunity and prosperity for all our people.

"Maybe this house may choose to reject the deal and go back to square one … This will open the door to more division and more uncertainty, with all the risks that would entail."

She will say that "national interest is clear" and "the British people want to get a deal that values ​​the referendum."

How many deputies opposed the deal in the PM?

More than 80 Tory refused to deal with all the opposition parties – allies and Mrs. May in the DUP – also mounted against him.

Former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson on Monday branded premier business & # 39; er minister a "disaster" and "humility" for the UK.

In his usual column Daily Telegraph, he said: "Other EU countries immediately signed the deal because they know that they have right where they want us.

"We have a satellite – a Memento Mori is fixed on the walls of Brussels as a deadly gaping warning to anyone who is trying to escape."

Theresa May will quit smoking, if it loses a meaningful voice?

At a press conference in Brussels, Mei refused to be drawn on whether she would stand down when she lost her voice, despite repeatedly pressed on the subject.

"I'm focusing on what I have to make a case for the deal to members," she said.

Meanwhile, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, the head of prevention can be no return to the negotiating table if the deal – contains Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration of future relations between the EU and the UK – was rejected.

"It's a deal. This is the best deal possible and the EU will not change its principled stance when it comes to these issues, "he said.

"Those who think that by refusing to deal, they will have a better deal to be disappointed in the first seconds after the rejection of the deal."

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