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Young people benefit from the salary increase


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The share of low-paid workers in the UK fell to its lowest level since 1980, the think tank said, with young people, particularly the advantages of extraction.

The number of paid workers decreased by 200,000 last year, with 120,000 of them between the ages of 21 and 30, according to a resolution Foundation.

He noted that the introduction of a national minimum subsistence level was "significantly" reduced low wages.

This can be completely eliminated until the mid 2020s, research has suggested.

"The Chancellor and the Labor Party are both declared ambitious plans for the future, each of which will lead to the UK, which has one of the highest minimum wages in the world," the report said.

Charitable Foundation Life Hired says wages required to "cover living expenses' is £ 9 per hour across the UK and £ 10,55 per hour in London.

Low wages are considered hourly rates below two-thirds of the average national average. This is equivalent to £ 8.52 per hour.

The national cost of living is lower than that, but the resolution of the Foundation said NLW beneficial knock-on effects on other low-wage workers.

The Fund noted that in 2018 there were 4.7 million workers on low wages, 17.2% of the total & # 39; volume. It was the lowest rate since 1980, and the lowest figure since 1997.

"It is clear that the UK still has a significant problem of low wages, but it is a problem that is becoming less steadfastly refused after many years to do so," the report said.

Some 2.8 million (60%) of the 4.7 million low-wage workers in 2018 were women. Due to the fact that they are likely to be low paid than men, they saw a greater benefit from the change of the best payment. The number of low-paid women decreased by 133,000 between 2017 and 2018.

The biggest fall (110,000) from the point of view of the type of work is said to have taken place in the administrative and support services, as well as the retail sector.

Brain said, raising the living wage to a level that would be the end of the low wages, placing it on two-thirds of the media hourly wage for workers aged 25 years and older, will be more "great change" in the labor market.

"An ambitious, but cautious approach, which saw the national subsistence minimum (VAT) continue to grow after 2020 – a faster rate than the minimum wage has increased its 20-year history to put Britain on course to eliminate the low wages in mid-2020 and at the same time giving the government room for maneuver in the event of changes in economic conditions, "said Nai Cominetti author of the report.

The national cost of living v real cost of living

  • The national cost of living with a & # 39 is legally binding hourly rate for workers aged 25 years and older
  • The real cost of living has been developed by the charity Living Foundation hired. He says the government of national cost of living is not high enough to meet the needs of workers and encourages employers to take it more generous, regardless of computing speed

Katherine Chepmno, director of Living Foundation hired, said: "It is positive to see some action low falling wages, but there are still about six million new jobs pay less than the real cost of living – the only course, which is calculated on the basis that she worth living. Millions seven & # 39; families who are trying to keep their heads above water, washed down with increasing household bills. "

TUC Frances O & # 39 Secretary General, Grady said, "The government should raise the minimum wage to £ 10 per hour, as soon as possible, and young workers who are most likely delayed for low wages, should have the same speed work ".

It works recently announced that it plans to expand its on the higher £ 10-an-hour minimum wage to enable employees under the age of 18 years, if it was in the government.

Currently, under-18s are entitled to a minimum wage of £ 4,35 per hour, compared with £ 8.21 for those aged 25 years and older.

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