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12 things, United Airlines is a success


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Yesterday I wrote a post on the exchange of 11 things that American Airlines is doing very well. I thought it was only fair that I write this post, given that I am criticizing the airline a fair bit.

While I write all the time about the great things that makes the Delta, I would also like to write a post about the things that I think United are doing well.

In no particular order, here are 12 things I like United Airlines:

polar recreation

United Polaris holiday with & # 39 are the hands-down best international Business Class offered by any US airline. Lounges spectacular, with incredible attention to design. The living room also has an à la carte restaurants, custom-made espresso, and much more.

The only drawback with the & # 39 is that the United stringent access, you can use them only for Star Alliance flight, first or business class – not the status level will not get you into these halls.

United Polaris Lounge Newark

Polaris bedding and services

While United is in the process of installing new Polaris places throughout their fleet, the reality is that they have a long way to go. Currently their long flights of all aircraft operated with the old business class seats that are not competitive.

Fortunately, there is a new long-term flights Polaris soft product United, as well as bed linen and device & # 39 are exceptional. The United States has the best linens of any airline in business class, and on some long-haul flights, they even pajamas.

United Polaris bedding

Large cabin business class

While the US and of Delta, as a rule, set the smaller business class cabin on its long-haul aircraft, the United States takes place in the opposite direction, and this is good news, both for award tickets and upgrades.

For example, they have 60 777-300s Polaris places they reconfigured 777-200s have 50 Polaris places, as well as reconfigured 767-300s have 30-46 Polaris places.

United Polaris cabin 777-300ER

Network and flying long distances

Of course, everyone will have different opinions about which airline has the best network of routes on the basis of where they live and where they like to travel.

However, I personally think that the United States have the global network. Not only that, but I understand that they are ready to try the ultra-long flights that American and Delta evade.

So from San Francisco to Singapore, X & # 39; Euston in Sydney, Newark in New Delhi, Washington to Tel Aviv to Newark to Cape Town (coming later this year), the United States has a very impressive route network.

United 777-300ER

United app and website

The United States has a great application. I'm not sure I would say it's better than the Delta, but it's in the same league, and much better than the Americans. It is perfect for everything from push notifications to view status updates to make changes.

In this respect, which is about the & # 39; united as a whole is pretty good when it comes to the ability to service reservations online.

I also like that the United gives a detailed explanation of why your flight is delayed, unlike American and Delta.

Internet search award

Although I think the value proposition redemptive About & # 39; pooled miles worse than ever before with dynamic pricing awards entry into force, at least I give United credit for the fact that it's pretty easy to find and book awards through their website .

They are only one of the "Big Three" US airlines, as a rule, shows the entire space of the award-partner on the Internet.

A lot of fuel surcharges on any MileagePlus partner

Again, I do not think there are many competitive advantages when it comes to the MileagePlus redemption price at the moment, although unlike the American AAdvantage and Delta SkyMiles, United does not pass on the reference imposed surcharges for award redemption on any partner airlines. I understand that as a concept.

Redeem miles United Lufthansa without surcharges

Stops on award tickets

With the "Big Three" US airline program, MileagePlus with & # 39 is the only one to free transit. The American and Delta, and propose to use for a stopover on award tickets, as they will no longer do. At the same time, United, you are allowed one stop on the round trip international ticket prize.

With the new pricing dynamic United award, it will be more difficult to actually determine if you do not get a free stop in the way, because the price is no longer published.

Enjoy free stop on an award ticket in MileagePlus

MileagePlus miles easy to earn

United with Chase Ultimate transfer partners, awards, and this means that O & # 39; combined mile easy to find thanks to the instant.

This is an advantage over American AAdvantage, since they do not partner with any point of the transmitted currencies. Meanwhile, Delta SkyMiles partners with Amex Membership Rewards, although you have to pay a federal excise tax when transferring points.

United earn miles with the following cards:

Status Million Miller

Although I do not think how such a MileagePlus & # 39 is a competitive advantage, there are millions Miller program to date with the & # 39 is the best of the "Big Three" US airlines. There are four thresholds:

  • Lifetime of gold on 1MMAH
  • Lifetime Platinum on 2MM
  • Term 1K service 3MM
  • Lifetime Global Services in 4mm

It's great in itself, but the icing on the cake with a & # 39 is that you can also assign the satellite to have this status.

It is much better than the Delta Program Miller million, and much better than programs Miller million American who sad.

Get valuable elite status for life for you and a companion

Those changes, flight date

The United States has one of the best strategies in the day change the flight of any airline, which can be useful if your plans change at the last minute, or if you're just trying to find the cheapest fare with subsequent changes in hope.

Prem & # 39; er Gold members and above can make the change for free (Premier Silver and neelita have to pay $ 75) and you can even change it connects the city making such a change.

In addition, you can change in flight within 24 hours, so you can fly to another calendar day.

I would say that United's policy is slightly better than the Delta, and much better than the Americans.

US policy has a great change of flight on the same day

Star Alliance

While I prefer the Oneworld Emerald status of any Star Alliance status, Star Alliance with & # 39 is the largest airline alliance in the world. Thus, being able to earn and redeem miles on the union, which is the biggest big draw at United.

bottom line

To be honest, when I started writing this post, I could only think of a few positive things about United, but after asking on Twitter, Many of you have pointed out that United is doing very well.

Unfortunately, noticeably absent from three things – the people, the domestic flying experience and high speed Wi-Fi.

I'm interested to hear what you guys think – do you think, United Airlines is doing well?

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