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2019 Elite Eight: Schedule, Time, TV channels for the NCAA tournament


March Madness 2019 so farThe first four, Tuesday, March 19Fairleigh Dickinson 82, Prairie View A & M 76March Madness Live6:30 pmtruTVDayton, OhioBelmont 81Temple 70March Madness Live9:00 pmTruTVDayton, OhioThe first four, Wednesday, March 20North Dakota 78, NC Central 74March Madness Live6:30 pmtruTVDayton, OhioArizona State 74, St. John's 65March Madness Live9:00 pmtruTVDayton, OhioFirst round, Thursday, March 21Minnesota 86, Louisville 76March Madness Live12:15 pmCBSDes Moines, IowaLSU 79, Yale 74March Madness Live12:40 pmtruTVJacksonville, FloridaAuburn 78, New Mexico 77March Madness Live1:30 pmTNTSalt Lake City, UtahRegion Florida 76Vermont 69March Madness Live2:00 pmTBSHartford, ConnecticutMichigan 76Bradley 65March Madness Live2:45 pmCBSDes Moines, IowaMaryland 79, Belmont 77March Madness Live3:10 pmtruTVJacksonville, FloridaKansas 87North-East 53March Madness Live4:00 pmTNTSalt Lake City, UtahMurray State 83, Marquette 64March Madness Live4:30 pmTBSHartford, ConnecticutFlorida 70, Nevada 61March Madness Live6:50 pmTNTDes Moines, IowaKentucky 79, Abilene Christian 44March Madness Live7:10 pmCBSJacksonville, FloridaVillanova 61, St Mary 57March Madness Live7:20 pmTBSHartford, ConnecticutGonzaga 87, Fairleigh Dickinson 49March Madness Live7:27 pmtruTVSalt Lake City, UtahMichigan 74, Montana 55March Madness Live9:20 pmTNTDes Moines, IowaWofford 84Seton Hall 68March Madness Live9:40 pmCBSJacksonville, FloridaPurdue 61, Old Dominion 48March Madness Live9:50 pmTBSHartford, ConnecticutBaylor 78Syracuse 69March Madness Live9:57 pmtruTVSalt Lake City, UtahFirst round, Friday, March 22Iowa 79, Cincinnati 72March Madness Live12:15 pmCBSColumbus, OHOklahoma 95, Mississippi 72March Madness Live12:40 pmtruTVColumbia, South CarolinaTexas Tech 72, North Kentucky 57March Madness Live1:30 pmTNTTulsa, OKUC Irvine 70, Kansas 64March Madness Live2:00 pmTBSSan – Jose, CaliforniaTennessee 77, Colgate 70March Madness Live2:45 pmCBSColumbus, OHVirginia 71Gardner-Webb 56March Madness Live3:10 pmtruTVColumbia, South CarolinaBuffalo 91Arizona 74March Madness Live4:00 pmTNTTulsa, OKOregon 72Wisconsin 54March Madness Live4:30 pmTBSSan – Jose, CaliforniaWashington 78, Utah 61March Madness Live6:50 pmTNTColumbus, OHDuke 85, North Dakota 62March Madness Live7:10 pmCBSColumbia, South CarolinaX & # 39; 84 Euston, Georgia 55March Madness Live7:20 pmTBSTulsa, OKfreedom 80, Mississippi 76March Madness Live7:27 pmtruTVSan – Jose, CaliforniaNorth Carolina 8873 IonaMarch Madness Live9:20 pmTNTColumbus, OHUCF 73, VCU 58March Madness Live9:40 pmCBSColumbia, South CarolinaOhio State 62, Iowa 59March Madness Live9:50 pmTBSTulsa, OKVirginia Tech 66, St. Louis 52March Madness Live9:57 pmtruTVSan – Jose, CaliforniaThe second round, Saturday, March 23LSU 69, Maryland 67March Madness Live12:10 pmCBSJacksonville, FloridaKentucky 62, Wofford 56March Madness Live2:40 pmCBSJacksonville, FloridaMichigan 64Florida 49March Madness Live5:15 pmCBSDes Moines, IowaFlorida State 90State Murray 62March Madness Live6:10 pmTNTHartford, ConnecticutGonzaga 83, Baylor 71March Madness Live7:10 pmTBSSalt Lake City, UtahMichigan State 70, Minnesota 50March Madness Live7.45pmCBSDes Moines, IowaPurdue 87Villanova 61March Madness Live8:40 pmTNTHartford, ConnecticutAuburn 89Kansas 75March Madness Live9:40 pmTBSSalt Lake City, UtahThe second round, Sunday, March 24Tennessee 83Iowa 77 (OT)March Madness Live12:10 pmCBSColumbus, OHNC 81Washington 59March Madness Live2:40 pmCBSColumbus, OHDuke 77, UCF 76March Madness Live5:25 pmCBSColumbia, South CarolinaTexas Tech 78Buffalo 58March Madness Live6:10 pmTNTTulsa, OKVirginia Tech 67, Liberty 58March Madness Live7:10 pmTBSSan – Jose, CaliforniaVirginia 63, Oklahoma 51March Madness Live7.45pmtruTVColumbia, South CarolinaX & # 39; 74 Euston, Ohio 59March Madness Live8:40 pmTNTTulsa, OKOregon 73, UC Irvine 54March Madness Live9:40 pmTBSSan – Jose, California
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