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Avengers: Endgame toy line shows the first look at the Hulk in a spacesuit


Series of trailers for the poor Avengers: EndGame showed us … well, very little. Almost nothing. Sometimes literally. Thus, we take Avengers: EndGame first look, where we can get them – in this case, it means that the recently introduced a line of Hasbro endgame tie-in toys.

The Avengers did a pretty fashionable splash when they presented their first matching clothes, suits for each set of combat readiness of the body – even a raccoon. These suits also appears to highly regulatedWhether these figures Space Hulk is suitable only projection on the part of Hasbro in. Here's a look at the new, six-inch figures of Halki:

carcass suit in Avengers: Endgame and carcass suit in Avengers: endgame

A new wave of Hasbro in the figures, toys, a Nerf blasters, and masks that you would expect from a Marvel tie-in line (more on this in a moment). But the only other design feature that stands out for us is a new Thanos statue that comes with this odd double sword as a weapon.

Hasbro and Hasbro

Even while waving technology Thanos still moving his infinity gauntlet, so events endgame It will not go to the south immediately after the mad titan. But we can also see him beating people in the near future.

The rest of the toy Hasbro line, which is now available for purchase, includes most of the other living Avengers did in their space suits. See all the figures in the gallery below.

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