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Baker Mayfield: Browns, Oklahoma fans call children after QB

Get ready for a bunch more children's bakers

Baker Mayfield: Browns, Oklahoma fans call children after QB

Baker Mayfield was perhaps the best game of his short car & # 39; EASURES NFL Sunday passes for four touchdowns during the Brown victory over the Bengals. One of the first things he did after leaving the field was retweeting a fan who said that his wife had decided to name his son after Mayfield when they gained valuable retweet. Deal with & # 39 is a bargain.

It turns out that a lot of people named their children after Baker Mayfield, including at least, born to his Heisman-winning season.

I certainly understand the supporters sooners name their children after Mayfield. He was a big car & # 39; EASURES College and Oklahoma inheritance already engraved in stone. But if I was a fan I would Browns traumatized by decades of frustration quarterback that I will probably wait for more than nine games before rushing to name their child after the last guy a long list of Cleveland with QBsI think if things go south, you can always claim to be a big fan of former NBA center Vin Baker.

That's not cool, dude

It Kordarell Patterson is getting a little too familiar with Jets defensive end Henry Anderson.

Here's how Patterson described it after the game:

"[Anderson] sh– put it in my face, so I tried to get my ass to me, "said Patterson. "Just like this."

He added: "I'm a grown man. I do not need anyone's ass and cock and egg on my face. "

Patterson was quite sneaky sun dial in a penalty, which means have been robbed of the possibility for a sequel better call in NFL history.

It sure sounds like Kevin Faulk was fully here

LSU-Texas A & M game on Saturday went to seven overtimes and insanity did not stop there. The two sides were mixed on the pitch, the LSU assistant Kevin Faulk was caught on camera kicking off with a man as polo A & M. LSU offensive analyst Steve Kragtorp having Parkinson's disease, said daily Advertiser that still unidentifed man hit him in the chest and forced him to go temporarily awry pacemaker. The latest twist is that Advocate I identified in man shirt A & M, nephew Jimbo Fisher.

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not a sport

Ohio will allow you to pay taxes in Bitcoin, for some reason. … Scientists suggest a new solution to climate change: spraying chemicals 12 miles above the Earth on darken the sun.

This thread is very Canadian

Chapelle explains how he knew to get out of focus

good song

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