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Chris Rock does Jasseines Smollett joke NAACP Image Awards, ignoring at Jasseines Smollett jokes limit


Apparently, Chris Rock saying that he can not make a joke Jasseines Smollett only sets you up for a joke Jasseines Smollett.

Rock, 54, who has a home in Alpine, with & # 39; to appear at NAACP Image Awards on Saturday, where producers have been, according to Omar, is not interested in any joke about Smollett.

Recently, all charges were dropped resist Smollett, "Empire" actor, after he claimed that two masked men attacked him in Chicago on 29 January and tied the rope around his neck, pouring bleach on it. According to him, the men threw racist and homophobic slurs during the attack. A month later, Smollett, 36, was charged with 16 counts of disorderly conduct, police accused him of staging the attack. Office of the Attorney Cook County state dropped all charges Smollett Tuesday.

Rock took to the stage in the 50-NAACP Image Awards in the Dolby Theater in Hollywood to present the award.

"They said they did not Jasseines Smollett was not joking," said Rock, to hearty laughter from the audience. "Yes, I know, I know," he continued, "What a waste of light skin, you know you know what I could do with that light-skinned This curly hair May car & # 39;.??? EPA would be here (! I) will (Brann) runs Hollywood! "

After stopping to laugh a few punches, Rock continued.

"What the hell was he thinking? From this point on, you Jesse. From this point. Do not you do not even get the U will be no more. "Cut the camera on" Daily Show "host Trevor Noah doubling of laughter in the audience. "It was a U Yours," Rock said. "You do not get no respect from me."

Smollett, who plays Jamal Lyon on Fox "empire" absent from the NAACP Image Awards, despite the nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (he did not win).

Others present at the ceremony image, including "Chicago" showrunner Ueytzi Lena, 34, and actress Yar shahid ( "Black-ish," "Grown-ish), said that they were to Smollett, supporting actor. Shaheed, 19, did complain on the scene, standing next to her castmates to accept the award for outstanding comedy series for "that dark."

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel called Kapanen charges against Smollett "whitewash of justice." Said Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson City "is still obliged to apologize."

Smollett said that the people who attacked him shouting "this MAGA country", and that he had seen one of them was white. Police later said the actor paid $ 3,500 to hire two black men – brother Abimbola «Abel» Osundairo and Olabinjo «Ola» Osundairo – to conduct a phased attack.

This week, «Saturday Night Live», devoted to the controversy sketch Smollett (see clip below), in which Chris Redd plays Smollett, which again argues that had been attacked. Redd, who is late for a meeting to network "Empire" has a number of "key" out of the bag, including three letters Ks Specify the Ku Klux Klan. In the sketch, annoyed Smollett manager, played by Sandra Oh will cut ties with him, and the creators of the series Lee Daniels says the actor, it has to fire him.

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