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Facebook Mark Zuckerberg requires Internet regulation


Zuckerberg called for stricter regulation of "harmful content, the integrity of the elections, privacy and data portability" in the survey published Saturday on its official account on Facebook, and Washington Post.

"I believe that we need a more active role of governments and regulatory authorities," he wrote. "By updating the rules for the Internet, we can preserve what is best about it – the freedom for people to express themselves and for entrepreneurs to build new things – at the same time protecting the society from the wider harm."

Throwing Zuckerberg was the most comprehensive CEO of Facebook has never been on the state regulation of the issue. His call comes as US federal prosecutors are reported, Facebook sensing, data sharing deals with a number of large technology companies. Federal Communications Commission of the US Trade said that talks with Facebook about a possible record fine. And European officials continue to view company.
Facebook has been strongly condemned this month, when he was unable to stop a live stream of the suspect in the attack in which 50 people were killed in New Zealand. The platform also faced scandals lithium, ranging from hate speech to privacy, and criticism in connection with the spread of false news, especially during national elections.

"Every day we decide that it is harmful, it is political advertising, and how to prevent sophisticated cyber attacks. It is important to maintain our security community, "he wrote. "But if we were starting from scratch, we would not ask us to make these decisions alone."

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Zuckerberg called for regulators to conduct Internet company "responsible for compliance with standards for harmful content," the idea, which served as a point of contention in the United States and other countries, where the social media platform has long been immune from such legal penalties.

He also said Facebook efforts to patrol political content, most of which was made after the platform has been linked to the spread of false information in 2016 on the eve of the US presidential election.

"Our system would be more effective if the regulation established common standards for the inspection of politicians," he said.

Zuckerberg also called for a "global framework" for the rules of confidentiality of data, modeled on the regulation of the overall protection of the European Union data. This law, which came into affect in May last year, faces a fine for Internet companies that are improperly shared information about their users.
His support of this regulation comes one year after the details of the & # 39 appeared on the Cambridge Analytica, the company is now the shutters, which was accused of trying to influence American voters with the information received from the 50 million Facebook users.

The director said the portability of data – which he described as the ability for users to move their data between social media platforms and other services – must be guaranteed.

"True portability data should look like, how people are using our platform to enter into the application than existing methods, you can download an archive of your information," he said. "But this requires clear rules about who is responsible for the protection of information as it travels between the services."

It was the second op-amp with a & # 39 are the executive Facebook this weekend. Sheryl Sandberg writes in the New Zealand Herald, that the company had to get better to protect its platform.

Sandberg said the company is considering restrictions that can transmit live video on its platform after the suspect in the attack of New Zealand broadcast live slaughter on Facebook.

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