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Father tied the first year of data in a blanket of sleep pattern


Lee's son I create tangible, very soft picture of the first year of his sleeping child in the form of a knitted blanket. Lee collected sleep data by entering it manually application Baby Connect, and use JavaScript and Python to convert the data to render the knitting. Then he created the HTML / Javascript tool based on the browser, which tracked the color of the trail and let him refer to it anywhere. Result – Quilt Sleep, a beautiful memory that tells the story of the child and parents with him.

Blanket 42 x 45 inches consists of 185,000 stitches and Lee took more than three months. With each row representing one day, the top line marks the day of birth of the child, and the bottom row – the first birthday of the child. Each shyvka is six minutes of time spent cheerful (gray) or sleep (blue), so that the blanket "read" from left to right, with the leftmost difference trails 12:00 AM, and the right the right trail ends at 11:54 pm.

A shift in the sleep mode until the end of the blanket may be associated with the trip, which some & # 39; I went to celebrate the birthday of a child. Lee says that he thought about how to adjust the marks of time, but kept them as a part of history.

Acc knitting makes it an excellent environment for data visualization, such as the time when the German commuter constantly pointed out that her train was delayed in a scarf with a delay. The scarf was sold at auction on eBay for charity in the amount of $ 8,650, but Blanket Dream that contains the chaos of the first year of a child who vregulyavavsya in a steady rhythm, with the & # 39 is priceless.

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