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Feinstein pair as Trump administration pushes ahead with a ninth Circuit candidates without consulting her


Senate prepares this week to consider two more conservative candidates, selected by the President of Trump sit on the left of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – and the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee is not happy.

This is because the nominees, Ken Lee and Dan Collins, were collected without any Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, the two Democratic Senator California. Traditionally, the White House is seeking a so-called "blue slip" or approval, with two home-state senators judicial nominees before clicking on them candidacy.

But the administration Trump, which was successfully nominated several conservative judges of the 9th district has been pointedly ignored this process as it continues its push to transform the appellate court that the president has repeatedly ridiculed as hopelessly biased and "shameful."

"I take it that, without prior notice or discussion, blue slip in fact, already dead," said Feinstein, a senior member in the Senate Judiciary Committee, in a speech on television on Thursday. "This change in practice, not only harms the Senate, it is detrimental to the federal judicial system. And I wish that we could have had the opportunity to discuss it. I really believe that this is a mistake. "

Feinstein went on: "Before President Trump took office, blue slip was a practitioner of the Senate almost one century, and over the past 100 years, before the President, the Senate confirmed only five judges with only one blue slip and the last. one was in 1989 – and 100 years of Senate never confirmed that the judge without the two blue slips ".

But "President Trump took office," Feinstein charged, "Republicans held a hearing on 12 district courts, and the candidates have voted to confirm seven – seven -. Over the objections of the state House Democrats"

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Among the nominees was a Seattle attorney Eric Miller, which was approved on the 9th District in February 53-46 vote. Progressive violently attacked Miller as a corporate lawyer and a member of the Federalist Society, car & # 39; which EPA was allegedly hostile Native American rights.

Feinstein went on: "There is no excuse for the failure of democratic blue Slip Democratic senators have made and continue to make a good faith effort to find a consensus pick for district courts ..

"As Senator Harris and I have made it clear that we are willing to work from the beginning with the president to select a consensus, the main nominees for the 9th circuit," Feinstein added. "One of the things I learned: what goes around, comes around, I was hoping we could work in a very cooperative way .."

In January Feinstein and Harris rushed at the White House with this statement: "We are deeply disappointed that the White House has decided to re-appoint Daniel Collins and Kenneth Lee District 9. We clear our opposition to these people and said the White House, we would like to work together to reach a consensus on a new package of nominations ".

With the spread of the competence given to the nine western states, 9 Circuit has long been a thorn in the side of the Trump White House, with its travel regulations against the policy of prohibition and restrictions on funding to "forbidden city".

Just a few weeks ago, the Ninth Circuit was sold to another federal appeals court and ruled that Sri Lanka people, who failed his initial asylum selection had the constitutional right to go to court – threatening to block the immigration court system further tens of thousands of similar requirements year and set an all-but-certain Supreme court showdown.


However, it left the reputation of the court may change, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., And Senate Republicans continue to use the GOP majority to confirm a judge after the judge appointed by the president.

Among other recent successful elections Trump on the 9th Circuit: Ryan Nelson, a former staffer in former Attorney General Jeff Sessions; former Hawaii Attorney General Mark Bennett; and the magistrate Brigitte Bade.

After Miller's acknowledgment of the month in the analysis titled "Thanks Trump liberal ninth circuit is no longer liberal,» The Washington Post noted that once all of the current candidates Trump on the bench is confirmed, it is expected to be 12 Republicans intended judges on the 9th Circuit, which consists of 29 full-time judges.

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