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Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt will leave the ABC board after 18 years


Eric Schmidt will depart ABC board in June this year, after the place for 18 years. His departure comes just one year after Schmidt resigned from his role as executive chairman of the alphabet – it also comes as Google is struggling with internal strife over its involvement in US military contracts, a potential business in China, and said concealment of sexual behavior.

Schmidt was a key presence in Google at the time with the company. Initially, he took a seat in the board of directors in 2001, when he was made CEO of Google – a role he was mainly lend business expertise that built the company's founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In 2011, he resigned as CEO and become executive chairman to Google. At the beginning of 2018, he resigned from this role and became a regular member of the board.

In a press release today, the alphabet has announced that Schmidt would not seek re-election to the board when his term up on 19 June. Alphabet says that he will remain a "technical adviser" in the company, a role he had in the past year.

Schmidt said he will step down to help "the next generation of talent to serve." He said that he would teach more by working in his charity, Schmidt Futures, and using his role as technical adviser "coach alphabetically and Google's business / technology".

While Schmidt, of course, plays a key role in Google becoming hippopotamus today, its presence may be less appreciated one recently. Just six months ago, Google came under control if it The New York Times reported sexual harassment in the company. The report provides detailed information on the payment of $ 150 million Android creator Andy Rubin on the background investigation of sexual misconduct. later, Schmidt was named in the lawsuit, accusing the company of concealing harassment by several executives.

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