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Game of Thrones: What happened to Rhaegal, John dragon? (Season 3 Episode 8)


8 Game of Thrones season brought with it the longest in the history of an episode of the show; Episode 3 with a clock frequency of 82 minutes, putting it ahead of even the last few episodes still to come, which also exceeds the standard PRT time. These 82 minutes were largely made up of the show's biggest battle scene today, as the strength of the Night King finally arrived to participate in the Battle of Winterfell.

A key component of this main struggle was the role that made the dragons (or not) to play. But, as a ghost, despite a long time, we were wondering about the fate of some animal companions Yona, who were obviously absent most of the action on the screen. If you are caught, do not forget to check out our Episode 3 Easter eggs and links – there were many, and given the problems some people have with the level of darkness and visibility, you might have missed something.

The third episode of the final season of the game of thrones, the long night finally brought the climax of the clash we've been waiting since the opening moments of the first episode of the show. Army Night King dead broke walls, and life force, headed by Daenerys, Jon Snow, and two dragon Denis relaxed down everything to try and stop them once and for all during the Battle of Winterfell.

It was a battle that many victims – check out our full rundown of all, who does not go through with it, and our review of our take on the failed Long night in their view to resolving the conflict with the Night King, but after the dust settled, there were a few issues were delayed. Spirit, direwolf John Snow, disappeared in the first charge, whereby each line asks what happened to him (the answer). And then there was Rhaegal, dragon covered John, which fell halfway through the battle and was never seen again. So what happened to him?

Although it looks pretty harrowing for Rhaegal in the middle of the battle, we know that he survived the Battle of Winterfell. This is because he seems, though very briefly, in the HBO teaser for Episode 4.

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Rhaegal and Drogon, dragon Daenerys goes, was a powerful force in combat, while the storm did not destroy all the visibility and dragons fought to help the soldiers on the ground. If Night with the King & # 39; was riding on the undead Viserion, everything became even more restless.

Viserion Rhaegal and literally bumped into each other in a blizzard of Wight dragon who tries to cook rider Rhaegal they slashed away from each other. Night King took the opportunity to try to pierce Rhaegal and take it forever, just as he did with Viserion during an episode of Season 7 of the wall. But in the end Rhaegal won the fight, taking a piece of Viserion person and as King and White Night Dragon fell to Earth. But injuries were quite serious Rhaegal & # 39; serious, and he went plummeting to the ground, too – it crashed, throwing John from his back, and that was the last we saw the dragon.

Thus, the question that remains now with the & # 39 is that the state Rhaegal will go ahead. Like other power Daenerys in Rhaegal he accepted defeat in the battle with the Night King, with Viserion raking in a huge wound in his chest. It also looks as if he has tears in the wings in the teaser (although it is hard to tell the dragons from each other at any distance). It is very likely that he will not be back to 100% for some time, and it may call into question its role in the upcoming battle for the Iron Throne in King's Landing.

Daenerys has already lost much of its military power, leading to its final push to take down Cersei Lannister, and dragons have always been its trump card. We have seen it get a lot done with just one dragon, but weakened Rhaegal (and possibly Drogon) will certainly be a step backwards.

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