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Google Camera settings 6.2 adds a dark mode, Preps "measurement mode" and "the Cheetah" [APK Insight]


The latest version of Google Camera rolled earlier this week with a handful of visual changes, including dark mode for configuration and transfer real-time. Google Camera 6.2 also shows the work of the measuring instrument, while development on the "Cheetah" continues.

About APK InsightIn this post, "APK Insight", we decompile the latest version, the Google loaded in the Play Store. When we decompile these files (known as APK files in the case of Android apps), we can see a variety of lines of code in it a hint of possible future features. Keep in mind that Google may or may not ever send these functions, and our interpretation of what they may be deficient. We will try to include those that are closer to the end, but to show you how they will look in the event that they do ship. With that in mind, read on.

measurement mode

After moving away from the tango to augmented reality, Google is last updated June Measure applications to work with ARCORE. The existing functionality includes grip height and distance, to store the measurements directly on the clipboard as an image or a virtual line.

Instead of a separate application, Google can integrate the tool directly into the camera app. This would be similar to last year's Google app on the & # 39; objects, and may, with the & # 39 appears on the tab "Advanced". It is not clear when it will still require Measure application to be installed, and thus, a shortcut or functionalities are directly integrated.


Switch to the measuring mode


Over the last few versions, the Google runs on Time Lapse mode, code-named "Cheetah." Google Implementation includes video recording at higher speeds, and also complements the existing Slow Motion function.


Records video at higher speeds

Start cheetah

stop cheetah

Settings dark mode

Like other applications ahead of Android Q, Google Camera 6.2 now takes into account the Night mode setting in Pie Developer. Of course, the camera interface is already dark, with only the support of this reflection in the places where the background is dark gray with blue inserts for section headings and toggle switches. (Due to the Hebrews.)

Meanwhile, the expanded menu icon switches from the carrot to the horizontal overflow that better reflects how new options not to slip-line, and takes the user to a new page.

Panorama UI mode setting

Panorama in Google Camera 6.2 is currently record on / off switch centers instead of putting it in the top left corner (in portrait orientation).

Google Camera 6.2

Taking HDR + enhanced photo

If the manual control for the HDR + is turned on, users can choose between «HDR +» and «HDR + is enhanced." The first is always the default, and is much faster, while the latter takes a few seconds. To refer to this coming from & # 39 is the intentional taking photos in the latter mode will now impose a «Taking HDR + enlarged photo" in the viewfinder.

Google Camera 6.2

Current navigation mode

When switching to panorama mode, portrait, camera or video, version 6.2 supports the camera live feed instead of taking a black background. Icons for each mode is still imposed, while there are scaling animation to accommodate the aspect ratio in each mode (using Android Police).

The transition between modes feels faster and in real time as a result. This change also applies to night sight and slow, but not more intense Photo Sphere or Photobooth.

frontal flash

If the "display lights flash" not out & # 39 is quite obvious hints, Google Camera now covers lighting icon using on-screen flash (using AP).

Google Camera 6.2

How do I upgrade?

Google Camera 6.2 is rolling out now through the Play Store. We do not publish the APK file to download directly from the view of the legal issues related to copyright and the ability to delete. At the same time, this model & # 39 is risky this Android App Bundles and Dynamic Delivery Google Play.

Due JEB Decompiler, that some APK Insight disassembly use.

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