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Heat Wave: High temperatures will continue through Sunday


A cold front extending through the Midwest to reach the East Coast until Monday, which will result in a heavy rain, and cool air, said CNN meteorologist Ivan Cabrera.

Cabrera said that on the front are quiet days of extreme temperatures.

High temperatures this week have forced cities throughout the United States to open cooling centers give residents safety instructions and to cancel numerous outdoor activities. Mayor of New York has announced an emergency. One of the deaths was linked to high temperatures: a former player in the NFL Mitch Petrus, 32, died of heatstroke after working on the streets on Thursday in consultations on the heat in Arkansas, officials said.

Part relief occurs from falling night temperatures in the Midwest, which during the last week often varies about 80 degrees.

While temperatures on the East Coast and in the Midwest can drop to the 70s on Monday, Sunday still has some heat.

Sunday strong outward & # 39; e

Despite the fact that, compared with 157 million Saturday, Sunday there are more than 95 million people who are at risk or advice.

Heat Index forecast for Sunday morning.
Heat Index is largely felt in the Midwest, as if it were in the 90s, and the East Coast faces three figures – Washington, DC, at the top – 110.
According Poweroutage.US, although more central states slightly cooled front movement, at least 350,000 people are without power in Michigan.

Stay safe in the last part

If there will be one day of unusual heat, officials are still asking people to take action to stay safe.

During last week's heat wave lasted from New Mexico to Maine, prompting authorities across the country to make the warnings and recommendations that help fight heat.

How to stay safe this week

Cabrera said that many people, particularly in regions which regularly contain elevated temperatures, the danger of underestimating the summer heat, kill more Americans annually.

Among the most vulnerable are the elderly, infants, children, the city and the people living or working outside, the report said International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

To reduce these risks, the report and city officials recommended stay hydrated, avoid going outside during high-heat time, the training of health workers and community members to the symptoms of heat stroke and ask for the help of friends, something & # 39; and and neighbors check people, especially those at risk.

Impact of climate change

The threat of heat waves will increase throughout the world and will be widely distributed as the continuation of the climate crisis, says Francesco Rocco, president of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Children cool off by playing in public fountain during summer heat July 19 in New York.
A new report from the Red Cross Red Cross Climate Center said that 17 of the 18 warmest years on record have occurred since 2001.

"Climate projections indicate that if emissions of greenhouse gases will continue in this way until 2100, three out of four people are in the world may be subject to a minimum of 20 days per year potentially lethal levels of heat and humidity," – said in a statement.

In the US, the number of days each year with the heat index over 100 degrees will more than double by mid-century, said the Union of Concerned Scientists.

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