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I can not stop thinking about how great the PSB were on SmackDown


There was not much, if anything, is wrong with WWE SmackDown title story told last Tuesday. The brothers stuck together, the hard work paid off, and Kofi Kingston is going to WrestleMania.

But there is one part of the tales that really stuck with me. This is partly because I am someone who always pops up for Little League, as a moment at the end of each series of the NHL playoffs, where the guys who just spent 4 – 7 games that try to undermine each other across the board line up to shake hands. This is partly because of the rivalry of the New Day / PSB with & # 39 is one of my favorite things to come out of the WWE in recent memory.

But days later, I still get chills watching it …

If Jimmy & Jey musical hit, I said in Cageside offices, that I thought that they went to Coffey. But I do not think I really thought it would happen. WWE will look past the continuity, if necessary, and the absence of a formidable team of tags included in the SmackDown roster for Xavier Woods & Big E, to fight through counted as a necessity. And honestly, if present, and six times champs said, "We respect the y & # 39; all too much to make up" that would work for me too.

But with the themes of brotherhood and loyalty obvious in television history (and the theme of overcoming historical and current possible racial discrimination being affected online), The PSB giving new day escape prison this time, out of respect, has been committed,

Now we can get the game for the Twins «Mania? How about this?

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