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Jeopardy! participant James Holzhauer: Live updates


James Holzhauer uses the technique of "Forest Bounce" to win your way through «Jeopardy!»

How does this work: The athlete jumps from category to category, with a choice of tiles in order to lose his or her opponent.

Where it came from: Holzhauer is not the first to master the "Forest mistake." Previous participants, such as Arthur Chu and Chuck Forest (which method is named after) used it as confuse the enemy and gain the most amount of money in a short period of time, starting from the bottom part of each category where tips hardest.

one commentWhile effective, if done correctly, it is not very popular among the staff of the show, including host Trebek, who opposes this method.

Trebek claims that it violates the natural order of the show, which the authors are working hard to prepare.

Reporting from the CNN, Rami Zabarah

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