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Meteor lights up the sky over Florida with a bright flash


A mysterious fireball that lit up the sky over North Florida on Saturday night turned out to be a meteorite, which was picked up on the weather radar, according to officials.

Falling space rock was reported around 11:52 pm on Taylor County, said the office of the National Service of Tallahassee out & # 39; I'm on Twitter.

The flash of a meteor was so bright that it was picked up on meteorological satellites, which are usually used for tracking storms and lightning.

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NWS posted a photo where the fireball was picked Goes Lightning Mapper

Another weather service office in Charleston, subcutaneous, also shared the light, which was found in a ball of fire as it flew across the sky.

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Officials said they had not received any reports about where the meteorite may have landed, or if it broke in the atmosphere. people Georgia and South Carolina also reported seeing a flash.

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Meteora what happened when meteorites – what we call "space rocks" – enter the Earth's atmosphere at high speed and burn, according to NASA.

. "This is also when we call them" shooting stars "," the agency said, "Sometimes the meteors can appear even brighter than Venus – is when we call them" balls of fire ".

Scientists estimate that about 48.5 tons (44,000 kg) of meteoric material falls to the earth each day, according to NASA.

"If the meteorite survived its journey through the atmosphere and strikes the earth, it is called a meteorite," the space agency of the state.

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