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NASA cancels the first all-female spacewalk due to lack of space suit


The first fully female EVA will not take place in March, as previously planned, in accordance with NASA.

NC State graduate Christine Koch and fellow astronaut Anne McClain had to do a spacewalk at the International Space Station on March 29 that would have marked the first-ever spacewalk depicting women only.
However, NASA says, the lack of proper size suits forced the agency to change their plans. McClain and Koch will still get to perform a spacewalk, but not together.

March 22 McClain became the 13th woman to walk in space; Koch published on Twitter, showing the team is preparing for the spacewalk that.

After her first spacewalk, McClain found the average size of the hard torso suits her best. That is the same size Koch prefers. NASA says the only one among the available currently.
Being in space may affect the astronauts body in different ways. For McClain, she said that she had grown two inches since left Earth, perhaps as a result of the sizing of the conflict.

NASA brought the suit size as the reasons for the changes in the open space task.

Koch will perform on March 29 in an open space with an astronaut Nick Hague. This mission will make Koch 14th woman to perform a spacewalk.

At least, during this mission, McClain and Koch will not be the first couple to perform all the women in the open space.

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