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Parents rally in Medford resist the bill the release of the vaccine Oregon


Parents with as far as Ashland and Eagle Point with the & # 39; united in Pear Blossom Park in Medford on Saturday to show their opposition to the vaccine bill is going through the legislative authority of Oregon.

Organizers held a speech, had parents sign the petition legislators, and then passed through the main streets with homemade signs.

In accordance with state law, all children in public and private schools, kindergartens, Head Start and certified means of childcare should be the last date documentation of their immunization or exemption.

If passed the Oregon State House Bill 3063 will put an end to the non-medical exemptions vaccination Oregon to attend public and private schools.

Last year, a total of 4.349 children were not allowed in school or child care in Oregon, until the required immunization information was turned in schools or child care centers.

For the 2017-2018 school year, Jackson and Josephine counties were the second and third least vaccinated districts for K-12 education across the state as to the pace of 89%.

Anna Waters came from Eagle Point with her husband and two young boys, to rally with homemade signs.

"We believe that the state outwit dictate medical decisions for the family & # 39; and and our children," Waters said.

Medford mother of two children, Carrie Miller says that her son is on the autism spectrum. Her 7-year-old daughter, Riley was not vaccinated, since she was an infant and Miller believes it is healthier because of it.

"Where there is a risk there must be a choice of how the medicine, and that is how the world works," Miller said.

Miller believes that it is wrong for the state to make the choice for her and her family & # 39; and.

"This bill takes away our choices. We live in America. This is suppose to be the land of the free, land of choice, "said Miller.

According to Jackson County community has 93 percent of the full rate of vaccination, but there were "pockets" in a society where this figure was much lower, Ashland.

According to the Jackson County Health Officer Jim Shames trend is going down, even as many believe that vaccines are safe.

"From a medical point of view, the vaccine is likely to & # 39 is the most powerful and effective intervention in the field of public health the whole time," said Shames.

A list of current authorized medical benefits can be found on the website of the Center for Disease Control.

HB 3063 comes after a recent measles outbreak in northern Oregon and southwest Washington, which left dozens of people sick.

A retired physician, author and director Dr. Rick Kirschner spoke at a rally in Medford and said a few cases of measles to the & # 39 is a fake crisis.

"This is not a crisis. There is no epidemic. Public health measures are working well, "said Kirchner.

Kirchner said that he was infected with measles along with his brothers and sisters, and the whole class at his school when he was a child.

"We loved it. This meant that we should stay home from school and read comics, "said Kirchner. "Only the winners of the bill with the & # 39 are a medical distribution system for the pharmaceutical industry."

Kirchner said the requirement to keep the children out of school excludes and isolates of healthy children from getting education.

"It's immoral," said Kirchner. "We do not create the segregated minority because of their vaccine status. These children's health. "

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