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Saturn retrograde will not affect your zodiac sign horoscope love and relationship until September 2019 According to astrology


All this would be fine … eventually.

April 30, Saturn will be retrograde in Capricorn, which brings us to the older land and balancing our karmic debt. Although there may be difficult moments for our zodiac signs, it is important to remind ourselves that we finally understand why everything had to happen the way it did.

In astrology, we see only the retrograde Saturn about every 12 months, and it takes about four and a half months. It's time to slow down to make sure that we are moving in the right direction, and that we are doing something for the right reasons.

Saturn with & # 39; is the father of the zodiac, and sometimes even think like Father Time, as it dominates the karma and magical time to play in our lives. He meticulously father, who wants to make sure that we do everything correctly, take our time, do not cut corners, and that we are aware of the boundaries in our lives. These boundaries include not only those in our professional lives, but also in our own.

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Saturn does not want to, so we took advantage of. In addition, he does not want there to be an imbalance in our lives. So, while Saturn in retrograde, we asked to slow down, to look before crossing, and to make sure that we focus on what we are called.

It seems that we think the feed is positive or negative, and even fear him so much. We've all heard someone say, "Karma would be ****" but the reality is that this is not so; it is not good, and it's not bad, it's just energy currency.

Feed that we should be aware of balancing that with the & # 39 is that to pay our karmic debt has in mind. Saturn rules karma, which means that a planetary father rules the exchange of energy between what we send and what we receive.

This is not one of the many people who loved transits or even the planet, and that's because it is often seen as harsh, unforgiving, or even hard. But again, that we are putting our energy exchange as the fault of the astrological transit, which is just balancing that we have already established in our frequency.

Or & # 39 is this energy, or even physically in our lives, for most of us, we just figure out how we want to be loved, what kind of work we want and how we want our life to look on what It should not be so at once. Thus, in the Saturn sweeps.

Over the next four months, we will face a lot of lessons in our lives, many times when we can choose to stay on the same energetic frequency or refresh, and where we are going to start to make decisions that will help to manifest this new life.

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Saturn itself to & # 39 is a force to be reckoned with, but in Capricorn, another strong male father energies, it is further enhanced. Capricorn & # 39 is the mountain goat, slowly but carefully trudge uphill one step at a time. He was not in a hurry, he is not worried about when he reaches the top, it only focuses on each step in front of him.

While Saturn is in Capricorn generally speaks to the foundation we set up, the beginning of a new relationship, or the dynamics of a new job, having a planet retrograde during this transit shows us to assess the direction of what we have already established ,,

This retrograde is not about us just go back to the old land, because it is also a transit who loves us to seize the opportunities before us. He wants to take a chance to say yes, as we have previously said, no, but we have to make sure that all of our past has taken care of before moving forward and, of course, that we balance our karma.

While Saturn retrogrades with & # 39 is a positive thing for us when we are sending less energy exchanges, it may be a time when the tables are turned.

When we were less than honest, we could see someone close to us to do the same for us. If we take people for granted or eliminated responsibility, we will be given the opportunity to see how it feels.

But that's not all storm clouds and sad faces. For many, perhaps even most of us, those who are trying to do the right thing if it is not so easy to forgive someone who gives understanding and work these next few months, will have their own blessings. And one day, right on September 18, we will see a big win, why everything happened the way they did.

We understand why he felt that things just absorbed during the period. Thus, even if we feel the challenge in the next few months, it is very important to keep going.

We will all face tough times, but we can never run away from them, because they are necessary and & # 39 are a part of life. And besides, it will all be perfect ever, maybe even sooner than we think.

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