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«SNL» Trump has Baldwin and Mueller De Niro summarized report Mueller


Options & # 39; ete NBC opened a special attorney Robert De Niro Robert Mueller reads his report, which was later generalized Attorney General William Barr (played by Aidy Bryant), which then Trump's tweet by Alec Baldwin.

"I'm doing the 380 pages," Mueller began De Niro.

"I write nearly four pages," continued Barr Bryant.

"I read zero pages," Trump said Baldwin.

Mueller De Niro said that on charges of obstruction of justice in relation to Trump that he did not come up with "a definite conclusion."

"But I have," said Barry Bryant.

Trump Baldwin said that he was "at last, free at last," blew the air horn and said the good news from the report as a whole.

"Russia, if you look, go to sleep," he said. "Dad won."

Mueller De Niro said then that he hoped for a full report to be published with a few revisions.

«Hella edition," added Bryant Barr.

"We're going to darken all of the words, except for" no "and" conspiracy "," Trump graduated Baldwin.

According to the summary of Barra Müller report found no evidence that Trump associates the company conspired with Russian, in order to influence the outcome of elections in 2016.

Trump Baldwin then joined Rudy Giuliani, who plays Kate McKinnon.

"I believe I was the legal genius of all time," said Giuliani McKinnon before heading back to the table under the Trump vampire-esque fashion.

Trump Baldwin, who called himself "the president of the Invincible", and then joined the Muller De Niro and Bryant Barr said a sign on the sign display "Live … From New York! It's Saturday night! "

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