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The new airship map among us brings heat to a new way of playing

This is an exciting time for those who are deeply involved in Us (or want to get back into the game), as the new airship map fell out only last week. The wildly popular social deduction game has exploded relatively recently, and although it has gained a large number of fans, it has been flourishing for quite some time with three different cards. “Airship” offers the game a new experience for old players not only because it is new, but also because it offers you to play completely differently than the old cards.

It is the largest map to date, but its dense corridors and several one-way paths make navigation difficult. It is so large and maze that the game allows players to choose one of three spawning points when they start a round in a match. Understanding what’s around each of the spawning points becomes part of your strategy for both the crew and the impostors, and exposing these subtleties has made finding out an airship so much fun.

The key thing to look for when dots appear on a map is that when they are presented on the selection screen, the background of the icon indicates which part of the map it is located – eventually, you will be familiar with the names and locations of these rooms, but in a concise form they are also arranged in such a way as to indicate the common location (left, middle, right). Team by team should have tasks nearby as soon as the match starts, but as the match progresses you want to keep in mind where the other tasks are.

The airship also presents several new challenges. You will have a typical switch, garbage collection, colored wire connection and so on. However, you will notice that in order to download and download a new second step has appeared – scrolling through the cell phone on the screen in search of the right position to get the best signal for a faster download. In the cargo compartment, crew members may be faced with the task of safe unlocking, where you need to uncover this combination of locks by trial and error. In locker rooms, crew members may be tasked with picking up dirty towels and accurately throwing them in an obstacle, and in the armory, you may have to take guns and put them on the wall. This is some real nonsense among us, which you probably started waiting for and knocking out.

The task of downloading data allows you to go outside to find a signal.  Hopefully the imposter won’t catch you on the street.
The task of downloading data allows you to go outside to find a signal. Hopefully the imposter won’t catch you on the street.

With all these new challenges placed on a complex map, the design feature of the new map is distinguished by the fact that killing crew members as an impostor increases the risk. Because all paths are tougher and move you to specific locations, the keen eye of a crew member can more easily figure out who might be the killer if they stumble upon and report a dead body, and pay close attention to anyone who might pass by. At least in the early days of playing an “airship,” there’s usually less ambiguity if you’re trying to act normally as an impostor with neighbors nearby.

At the same time, an impostor who is lucky or knows the situation well has ample opportunity to purely avoid murder. The size of the airship itself means that dead bodies can accumulate before anyone starts noticing. In my experience, groups of crew members are smaller because the goals are widely spaced, and navigating the premises and covering the ground is a little more difficult without open areas and less interconnection between important premises.

The paths between important rooms can be hard to move, giving impostors many opportunities to strike.
The paths between important rooms can be hard to move, giving impostors many opportunities to strike.

Another small but sometimes impressive design choice was to place a meeting room at the top of the map with one route to get there. This makes the test difficult to access given the huge size of the airship – so if you feel the suspicion of a fellow player and you need to speak it out, or if you I know you are being chased by an impostor and you can’t find a body to report, better get started. And, of course, the discussion process will be as chaotic and potentially deceptive as ever.

It all comes down to the fact that the airship supports the basic ideas among us, but can make you act, move and think differently than the previous three maps. I would say it’s good because it can refresh the gameplay and social dynamics, especially for people playing in a consistent group. This leads to several new ways to experience the tension that you had the first few times you played it. But if you haven’t popped in yet, this new card is all the more reason to try the game if you want to deal with the light mental stresses that go hand in hand with a good “Among Us” game.

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