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Toyota offer CarPlay retrofitting for some cars in 2018


As more and more cars to add support for CarPlay infotainment platform Apple, owners of older vehicles often have to turn to aftermarket solutions. Toyota, however, begins the process of modernization select 2018 vehicles with both CarPlay and Amazon Alexa.

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In accordance with Car and Driver, Toyota Camry offers owners 2018 sedan and Sienna minivan CarPlay opportunity to have added to his car. At the moment, only two cars that Toyota will be retrofitted with support CarPlay and Alexa. The automaker says it will bring the technology of "some of its most popular cars already on the road."

Toyota says that it will contact the owners of the Camry and Sienna and be "encouraging them to contact their dealer" of a modified finished. The company did not say how long this process will take, or what the price will be associated with the update. Toyota also noted, however, that may be a "small service charge" associated with the update:

Toyota says it will notice Camry and Sienna owners and "encouraging them to contact their dealer" of modernization; Installation will be carried out at dealerships. We turned to Toyota, to ask when the modified cost anything, and a representative of the brand said that "there can be a small fee for the service," and that dealers will be able to give more details. Toyota did not say how long it will actually do to complete the installation.

Toyota CarPlay late to the game, announced last year that the function will go to three of their 2019 cars. Given the delay, it is nice to see Toyota retrofitting CarPlay at least some of its vehicles in 2018.

Toyota is not the first automaker to modify CarPlay support for old cars. Mazda announced last year that it would expand CarPlay support for vehicles from 2014 onwards. It charges the cost of the renewal of $ 199 for the process.

If you want to add to your car CarPlay, several aftermarket solutions exist. Read the full roundup here.

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