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Trump team sues Deutsche Bank and Capital One, to keep them from turning over financial reporting to Congress


The lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of New York against Deutsche Bank, one of Trump's creditors, and Capital One. Both banks "have long provided business and personal banking services to plaintiffs," said Trump's lawyers.

"The agenda of the President issued molest Donald J. Trump, rummaging through every aspect of his personal finances, his business and private information, the president and his family & # 39; and, as well as to seek for any material that may be used for the cause of his political damage. There is no reason not to install any purpose other than political, "says Trump's lawyers in the complaint, filed late Monday.

Lawsuit & # 39 is the latest salvo in a president for the Democratic critic of his business and personal finance efforts, and a similar strategy in the legal action brought last week against the accounting firm and the President of the Congress.

But the trial on Monday, there was a slight difference from the suit last week, is that neither he, nor any member of House house sue. Another lawsuit in federal court in Washington against the accounting firm US Mazar and Oversight Committee at home, is also trying to prevent the house from getting financial reports Trump.

The lawsuit in New York, argues that intelligence agenda at home and the Committee on Financial Services House sent to Deutsche Bank and Capital One does not work, because they violate the banking laws of confidentiality and are not intended for the formation of legislation. However, at least one other court has previously said that the claims, as those who can not stop the agenda of the Congress.

In this new case, the command Trump says that he can not get access to the details of agendas through the House of Representatives committees and instead learned about them through Deutsche Bank April 17.

Lawyers Trump says the chairman of House Intelligence Committees and financial services – Reps Schiff, and Maxine Waters, both of which have a & # 39 California are Democrats -. Confirmed the two banks received from the agenda of its committees information related to finance Trump, but refused to give a copy of the summons.

Banks described agendas attorney Trump, on the claim.

Based on these conversations, Trump's lawyers argued that the committees tend to all banking and financial reports, "not only for individual plaintiffs, but also their own members of their seven & # 39; ads," including children, and in some cases grandchildren, according to litigation.

Lawyers Trump – Will Consovoy, Patrick and Marc Mukasey Stroubrizh – said the lawsuit is intended to protect Trump, his family & # 39; u and your business.

"The agenda of the granted Deutsche Bank and Capital One chairmen Schiff and Waters with & # 39 are illegal and illegitimate," the statement said. "They are looking for information coming few decades ago from anyone, even with tangential connection to the president, including children, spouses and minors. Every citizen should be concerned about such a large scale, lawless invasion of privacy. We look forward to reaffirm the right of our customers in this issue ".

Deutsche Bank said in a statement it will comply with all subpoenas and court orders.

"We remain committed to providing relevant information to all authorized investigations and will perform in the courts in respect of such investigations," the statement said.

Last week, CNN reported that the bank serves the agenda of the New York Attorney General Letitia James for documents related to the loan, Trump and his business. The Bank is in the process of turning over the documents, including emails and credit documents related to the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC; Trump National Doral Miami; Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago; and unsuccessful attempts to buy Buffalo Bills NFL.

CNN has reached to the Capital One for comment.

In a statement, Waters and Schiff called the lawsuit «meritless.»

"This lawsuit is not intended to succeed, it is intended only to divert meaningful statements as long as possible," Water and Schiff said. «Trump has publicly stated that he is fighting all the agenda of the Congress, and that he does not respect the role of the Congress as an equal to the other branch of government. This unprecedented obstruction will not work, and the American people deserve the best. "

CNN reported committees jointly issued subpoenas for the records earlier this month. Although full of & # 39; subpoenas amount can not be determined, one of Deutsche Bank for information on loans to banks with Trump and Trump Organization, a person familiar with the matter told CNN.

Refusing to provide copies of agendas Trump legal team, led by Democrats warning committees President and his team "by not knowing, not to speak about the negotiations on the & # 39; the volume or dimensions of the width of the agenda," according to the complaint.

The lawsuit comes one week after Trump Sues Chairman Elijah Cummings, the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, on order of the panel in his accounting firm, which produced a value of several years of financial statements Trump.

Congressmen claim more evidence that Trump makes his promise to aggressively fight or die Democratic investigation of his personal finances and business. Last week, the Ministry of Finance missed the deadline for inclusion in the six years of tax returns for the President House Ways and Means Committee.

CNN's Katelyn Polantz contributed to this report.

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