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Valve on the & # 39; manifests Index, a virtual reality suit – Game Rant


Valve dabbled in all, the game is only bound for years, churning out hits like half life and portal and runs the entire Internet game shop, but now it appears that the company will throw its hat into the ring of virtual reality, but with a new headset.

Site Valve published a picture teasing a new device on Friday. In the figure, Valve index is clearly visible on the device, and it looks very similar to a VR headset. Of course, this assumption is based on available information, which does not go beyond the image itself. Advertising tease just ask the audience "to upgrade their experience," and paste in the May 2019 date, which we expect will provide more detailed information about the device. According to CNET's, Valve representative declined to give more details, simply offering much of the same, saying: "We will have more information soon."

Valve steam-support-system company logo

Until now, Valve supports virtual reality through companies such as HTC. If he really tries her hand on his own VR suit, it will compete directly with HTC and others in the market such as Sony and its PlayStation VR. If the valve VR headset idea sounds appealing, then more detailed information on Valve index should be available in the next month or so.

If VR headset is in use, will be pleased to see Valve again pioneers. Recently, he put most of his attention in Steam, the popular gaming platform companies, which are various titles for download. Unfortunately, he faced criticism because of his clumsily platform where users purposefully leaving negative feedback on titles harm their sale. Valve is making efforts to combat the review bombardment, however, presenting a tool that will detect anomalous activity review. The company hand dives and explore further, removing the ones that they consider illegitimate.

This is not the only changes that occur on Steam. The platform has seen its share of controversy, often allowing especially toxic titles place on the bench. Some of which are subject to hateful messages or even insulting. It comes to an end, however, as Valve start to clear things, and recently banned nearly 180 games with Steam, in an attempt to save his reputation, and create more favorable conditions on the platform.

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