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Volunteers work around the clock to prepare a Thanksgiving meal for fire evacuees

Chico, CA (KGO). –

Volunteers are working non-stop to get thousands of Thanksgiving meal prepared for fire evacuees. This is resulting in problems awards and gallons of sauce.

Daniel Grice with & # 39 is a chef at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico. It can be a tough critic.

"It tastes like a flower now," said Greis when he tried someone sauce.

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Grice need gravy to taste as good as the party made the headstock. His team at the Sierra Nevada Brewing works to create 80 gallons of it!

This is the third week of Grice to work, so he has to deliver.

"This is definitely the biggest crew I had to do it a lot of food, and the most important reason to make the food," said Grice.

The sauce will go along with thousands of food Grice and his team are preparing to fire evacuees.

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The company is working with the World Central kitchen. The organization plans to serve 15,000 meals Thanksgiving victims Paradise for Thanksgiving.

Ken Grossman with & # 39; is the owner of Sierra Nevada Brewing and got his hands dirty too.

"It's very personal for us," Grossman said.

"We had about 14 percent of our employees Chico are losing their homes and almost everyone here has friends or family members & # 39; and who lost their homes as well," said Robin Gregory, a spokesman for the Sierra Nevada Brewery in.

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About 10 minutes up the road, another group in the Evangelical Free Church Chica is preparing to do the same.

Vincent Sanchez, founder of the Napa Valley BBQ Fund Foundation leads a team of volunteers. He started a foundation to help feed evacuated after the Napa Valley community devastated by the fires of North Bay.

The last few days have brought some tough memories.

"It is difficult, but at the same time cooking for other people, with the & # 39 is a cathartic way to work through it," Sanchez said.

Kitchen Sanchez worked with groin grenades and potatoes, and if hope was a smell, perhaps, too.

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