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283 confirmed cases of measles


These diseases continue to spread. According to information published by the Venezuelan society, public health, the national network of the Defend Epidemiology and Venezuelan Alliance for Health, at least 140 cases of measles was not confirmed until the end of February this year in the country, but today this figure has reached 283 confirmed cases.

According to Dr. Andres Barrett, medical epidemiologist, "at the end of 2018 there was a decrease in the spread of measles, and this year there was a significant recovery, particularly in Zulia and Anzoategui." Cases have also been reported in the capital of Carabobo states of Monagas, Cojedes, Amazonas, Aragua, Bolivar and Miranda County.

Photo: Courtesy of Red Protect Epidemiology, Society for Public Health and Health Alliance Venezolana

Among the most vulnerable indigenous groups living in the Amazon region on the border with Brazil meet.

Official information obtained in the country from the Ministry of Health, the data provided by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) on the basis of monthly newsletters.

Poses in March offered to report that in most cases were diagnosed using laboratory tests for medical assessments and epidemiological links.

But "in the case of Anzoategui state has a lot of that has led to the suspects and were so since there are no reagents to detect," he complained to Barrett.

10 years ago, has been created in the public health laboratory network of the country in order to make an assessment in respect of these pathologies, but it gradually disappeared, "is very small, which means that we have a kick in the field of public health," said the expert.

According to the item, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and the Bahamas with a & # 39 are the countries that have not been reported cases of measles since July 2017 up to March this year, Venezuela ranks second in the list of 35.74%, which is at least 6,242 cases of which, 140 deaths were confirmed.

Also from Venezuela were brought 306 cases to other South American countries, which are attributed to the mass migration of & # 39; is a consequence of the economic and social crisis facing the country, many of these people are transported by land and are not implemented vaccine relationship.

vaccination campaign

Vaccination Week in the Americas, organized by the item this year from 20 to 27 April under the slogan "Protect your community. Do your part. Vaccination" in order to remember how important it is protected from dangerous diseases.

Despite the efforts made by the organization and the number of vaccine companies that you have done, it is a memorable date will be held in Venezuela from May, according to official information of the Ministry of Health.

In this regard, Dr. Barrett says that "Venezuela does not participate in the system because there is no vaccine for the entire population vulnerable and can not guarantee their safety. People can be vaccinated and to think that it enters into force, but the reality is that they are probably inactive. "

With regard to humanitarian assistance already delivered to the Red Cross of the country, the health worker said that "has not been notified unless the PAHO vaccine among the list of inputs to cooperate in this matter."

In early April it was launched the National Plan for vaccination initiative between the Ministry of Health and postures, to stop with the & # 39; emergence of measles and diphtheria, as well as improving the effectiveness of programs; However, there is a large deficit in the major hospitals and health districts of the capital.

There is no specific vaccine against measles, use MMR vaccine (which also protects against mumps and rubella) between the ages of six months to 15 years, and it is very common in children.

This disease is caused by a virus having as main features a & # 39; appearance of red spots on the skin, fever, weakness, which may have serious & # 39; serious consequences both in the lungs and brain.

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