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965 cases of dengue so far in 2019 Ȅanduti


Paraguay recorded this year, 965 cases of people infected with dengue virus, of which 65% belong to the department of Alto Paraná, according to the latest report published Friday by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Amambay, as well as in the south, it is the second department with the highest number of cases with a & # 39 of 177 infections in 2019, and then Itapúa (56), Central (26) and Guaira (25).

Health authorities are still recorded one death from the disease, 31-year-old resident of Alto Paraná, who died in early March.

The report said that at present remain active virus outbreaks in the cities Minga Guazú and Ciudad del Este, Alto Parana department, as well as Pedro Juan Caballero (Amambay).

Ministry fear that the number of infected may increase during Holy Week, so recommends citizens not to visit the areas most at risk of infection during their stay.

However, the report states that the probability that the epidemic breaks out in the next two months "very unlikely" due to the current epidemiological behavior.

In addition, they are also advised to drive as soon as possible a medical consultation before any symptoms of the disease to prevent complications and slow the spread of the virus.

Onset of fever, intense headache, nausea, vomiting, or pain retroocular some of the symptoms presented by the disease.

The droplets of dengue so far has been ten cases infected by chikungunya virus this year is also transmitted through the bites of mosquitoes.

The Ministry of Health recommends to maintain a regular monitoring of potential mosquito breeding sites and using security features like biting insect repellents and mosquito nets.

Source: EFE

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