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As the InSight, the "mole", which will explore the inter & # 39; er Mars – 2018/11/26

"Mars Mole" as researchers call it the InSight, traveled 485 million kilometers to reach the red planet Monday. I have a missionnvestigate inner Mars; investigate the composition of the soil and developed processes below the surface. It will also measure the temperature and the conductivity of the inner layers of the planet.

Tilman Spohn, scientific director of the experiment, explains that "every planet, in principle, the heat engine. The residual heat generated by this type of machine with a & # 39 is a measure of the work carried out by the engine. We residual heat measurement and sophisticated models based on the formation of the planet. "

Mars research will help to better understand our planet.

Mars research will help to better understand our planet.

InSight will land in the area Eliza, North of the Martian Ecuador. It's fairly flat and a region free of large stones and rocks. Mission to Mars income is still not studied that part of the planet's surface. The closest device NASA rover «Curiosity» and is approximately 500 km. In contrast to the "Curiosity" InSight will not moveBut he will remain at the landing site.

How to secure the module to start searching for an optimal space for "mole". The robotic arm of the "Insight" raise HP3 there. "At the landing site (there) from three to seven meters of bulk material on the floor," says Matthias Grott, the DLR. This is important because the HP3 is designed to separate sand. "When we are faced with a large stone, and we can not go, it's over," he warns.

HP3 actually takes the form of a mole, but a small rocket: the core of 40 centimeters in length is indicated. He escavará in sections 50 centimeters to a depth of five meters. To do this, there is a mechanism of electronic and automatic hammer. The device connects to InSight scientist to measure underground heat flow. If all goes well, it will transmit data for two years on Earth.

another device for measuring the seismograph tremors and earthquakes may also be used Mars. On the Moon and make measurements of this type for many years, but on Mars is not yet reached.

Spohn and his colleagues for this mission, it is important to draw conclusions about our own planet. "As inhabitants of the earth have seen how special it is when we explore other planets," he says. "Science is much to compare."

InSight mission, which has cost about 650 million euros, In fact, I was supposed to start in 2016. However, due to problems with one of the run-up tool has been delayed for two years. Design module 360 ​​kg is based primarily on the ship Phoenix, which landed on Mars in 2008.

Today arrives on Mars after the six-month journey through space.

Today arrives on Mars after the six-month journey through space.

This is the first module of the US space agency's Mars by Curiosity in 2012, and researchers are nervous. According to NASA, only 40 percent of the world missions that were run on the Red Planet successful. An example of how difficult it is to land on a nearby planet suffered in 2016 as the European Space Agency (ESA): it Schiaparelli probe crashed while flying the approach of a computer crash, NASA on Monday will not be the only thing that will closely monitor the Insight you fit "as it will be broadcast live for all.

Although still has not landed on the Martian soil, the robot already has a successor. 2020 will start the rover in 2020, a kind of extended version of Curiosity.

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