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(AUDIO) The national government condemns the two new terrorist attacks against SEN


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March 30, 2019 – Vice-President of the communications sector, tourism and culture, Jorge Rodriguez, reported two new attacks on the national electricity system (SEN) on Friday 29 and Saturday, March 30 at 7:11 pm, respectively.

"The government of the Bolivarian appeals to the people of Venezuela and the world, condemned the shameful and cruel commission of two attacks, programmed and synchronized with the national network in order to prevent criminal ways and deadly tremendous efforts of the revolutionary government to stabilize the power supply," Rodriguez said on the phone while «La Hojilla» program, transmitted by Venezolana de Television.

He said that nothing new happened unit coordinated and synchronized attacks on power lines, which "took place at the same time, on Friday, March 29, and 7:11 pm on Saturday, March 30"

It is also the Minister of Communication and Information has shown that these two new attacks add to the attack with electromagnetic pulses and mechanical effects of the last 07 and 9 March, a fire on the 11th in an electrical substation to the east of the capital, and the attack of high caliber bullet to the Simon Bolivar hydroelectric in Guri.

Rodriguez said that the Bolivarian Government will return the Venezuelan people the right of access to electricity, "to achieve the repair and recovery of damaged barbaric agents benefits the northern empire and its lackeys sad and muscular local teams."

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