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Avengers 4 | Endgame | Show that the year will see the X-Men, along with the Avengers | comics


Marvel Studios You have carte blanche to present X-Men in UCM after acquisition 20th Century Fox on Disney, Many people believe that this application will take place in the film Avengers 4 , Officially known as the Avengers: EndGame.

It is a pity that all this information is still in the field of speculation. Some advance that this introduction will take place in a postcréditos Avengers: EndGameWho is some certainty about him Faiggeneral manager Marvel Studios.

Who is behind the top film project surprisingly He has a script X-Men You join AvengersAnd to date tentatia in 2012, according to the Web site THR.

The reason is to introduce X-Men in Avengers: EndGame He deposited, taking into account all of the film saga of mutants. The collective memory of the audience is still fresh to the game X & # 39; nd Jackman as wolverine and the next belt Dark Phoenix This will cause the wait even longer.

AVENGERS: Endgame | syntax

"The severe course of events launched Thanos, to eliminate half of the universe and destroyed the Avengers, forcing survivors to take up positions in the Grand Conclusion" of the twenty films Marvel Studios& # 39;Avengers: EndGame& # 39; ".

Some of the most veteran comic book characters can die in this movie, and not be part of the future Cinematic Universe coming years.

In turn, this has not been mentioned leaps in time and use of quantum technology in reverse crunch Thanos, Especially it seems to focus on the great struggle Titan Loco, I hope, this time, pointing to his head.

Avengers: EndGame This film directed by brothers Rousseau. Throw consists of Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Brie Larson, Chris Hemsworth, among others. premier & # 39; EPA Peru is scheduled for April 25.

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