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«Bebecita» Karol G, it seems, is no longer Anuel games like AA


what happened Karol G and Pester Anuel game AA? It seems so, because the video to social networks, will be with the & # 39; be evidence.

AA anuel He shares a clip on his Instagram show joke that makes his girlfriend, and she was worried.

In the photos you can see the Puerto Rico tries to get it Colombia finger in the nose, but she does not like this "joke."

In the description of laughter and happy smiles to read. In addition, the video has already exceeded three million copies in just 15 hours after publication.

However, Karol responded to the publication of a peaceful and playful manner. "It can not be. What is the danger. "

As can be seen, the pair is usually done this kind of games between them. Moreover, when he shared time together during their tour "Guilty Tour".

It started a few weeks ago in Bogota, and is expected to visit several countries in the region. Ecuador plans to bring his show in May.

There is no doubt that "little children" in one of his best professional moment since was a successful year for both sides. Carol, for example, in 2018 won a Latin Grammy in 2018.

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