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Citizens will be fearless in the street to stop attacks


April 30, 2019 6:23 pm
Updated April 30, 2019 6:38 pm

Fear over. Citizens who joined Tuesday's appeal by the Chairman of the National Assembly and head of the Venezuelan, Juan Guaidó, said that they will stay in the street until there usurpation Nicolas Maduro, regardless of time and cost, which can lead the struggle for the restoration of democracy.

Guaidó, he was accompanied by the leader of the People's Will Leopoldo Lopez, who was released from prison, and the military, who stuck to the Constitution, he urged citizens to the final stage of operation Freedom, a movement that was launched on March 9 in the order of taking Caracas.

Hundreds of people began to gather at the distributor Altamira, east of the capital, around 6:00 am, hoping for a change of government.

Reprisals were swift, National Guard officers stationed at the airbase La Carlota, steel disperse protesters with tear gas. However, the trick did not work this time, and every time there were more people who, even without the services of Caracas metro, approached from the west and east of the capital, the area has been a bastion of the political struggle in 2014.

The soldiers greeted the crowd, among the gratitude and blessings, celebrating its opinion on the ruling elite. "Brave, my children, God bless you," he shouted lady officials, gathered on the square Francia de Altamira, minutes before they left in the mobilization of the west of Caracas, which was dispersed contingents HDD.

"We are here for the same reason we have all of the Venezuelans," said one of the officials of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces. However, the military refused to offer further comment, because of the situation of sensitivity.

For freedom and a better future

Estrella Lopez, sister of former police officer Chuck Omar Lopez, arrested on April 8, 2017 for being allegedly involved in vandalism recorded against the headquarters of the Office of the judiciary, said that the protest will continue "as long as necessary, because Maduro must go . This must stop. "

Systematic violations of human rights, economic, and social service crisis and the desire to return the millions of Venezuelans who have emigrated in search of better quality of life, some of the reasons why people stay in the street.

"I am here for freedom. I want to get a better Venezuela, where I can go to the market and to have a decent salary, to buy the products that you want, "said Ms. Patricia Petit, who said that her daughter is also eager to return to the land where she was born.

Gonzalo Navarro said: "It's good for 20 years of misery, disabled people, a government that has destroyed each of the companies. People are tired of chaos, can not stand. "

He urged the people to continue the struggle for the restoration of constitutional order, "Fear must guardárselo in your pocket and do not go out until the end. If we hide for fear we will continue to more than 20 years in the same situation. "

Young people aspire to a much better future, said Andres Ramirez. He argued that in order to achieve prosperity and progress is needed in Venezuela Nicolas Maduro output.

"The fear was lost long ago. What more can we lose? We've taken everything! What's left? It's now or never, we can not get used to it, "he said.

Citizens are also encouraged members Fanb, who still maintain Maduro adhere to the Constitution and to fight with them for a better country.

"Generals fat, chubby, illicit trafficking of drugs they have business with this usurper government, and people are hungry, you are suffering on the streets. Fanb Ombudsman not the regime. See their family & # 39; and a man and stand in the way of freedom, "said Navarro.

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