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Costa Rica Experts confirm meteorite


Experts from Costa Rica confirms meteorite©
Experts from Costa Rica confirms meteorite

The experts from Central American countries geology schools University of Costa Rica (UCR) rock dubbed as "meteorite Aguas Zarcas «with reference to the community where he was collected.

fragment 1071 g She broke through the roof of the house and fell to the floor Aguas ZarcasAlajuela region (north), on the night of April 23.

Many people in different parts of Costa Rica said that they saw a light in the sky that night.


This is the first time a team of Costa Rica, scientists have the opportunity to observe and analyze the meteorite recovered in the country.

"This event is a & # 39 is an extraordinary Aguas Zarcas and great scientific interest at the national and international level, finding that goes beyond any possible economic value that can be assigned to pieces," said a group of geologists in a statement.

Experts Gerardo Soto, Oscar and Luke Pilar Madrigal defined in the report that "chondrite meteorites structure is of great importance for the study of the age and composition of the solar system and to understand the genesis of organic particles which subsequently led to the development and evolution of life on the planet."

"These meteorites retain only the record geochemical composition, isotopic and mineralogical first million years of solar system history," they concluded.

The analysis determined that the meteorite chondrite stone composed essentially of silicon, iron and magnesium.

"It is very likely that the age of the meteorite is close to 4,560 million years old, although it is necessary to carry out the dating, to confirm this," the report said.

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