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Dead by Daylight ensures reliable adaptation on Nintendo switches


Its leaders advocate the publication of the same content to other platforms.

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Dead by Daylight

Who are you missed the game "slasher" terror Nintendo switch They will have this fall, the deceased Daylight offers track. Now, when its leaders said, unequivocally, that the production of a proposal the same experience they can enjoy a few years ago, users of other systems.

"It will be exactly the same, the game will not change dramatically, but the user interface, for example, needs to be redesigned, taking into account different as resolution, as they adapt to different modes having the prefix," he explains to the mother CT, digital Behavior interviews & # 39; w Nintendo World Report.

Ct ensure that there is a team that is working at full capacity to adapt, along with basic research. In addition, he added, he expects refresh rate Dead daylight is the same as the other formats.

Asimtrico this multiplayer video game horror premiership & # 39; EASURES on PC in 2016. If you want to know more, look at the dead Daylight analysis 3DJuegos can, although it should be noted that since then, has already developed enough.

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