Thursday , May 13 2021

Died Nicholas Solis, the young man who inspired the character of “Querdas” Pedro Solis

Goodbye my boy. Forgive me that I was sometimes angry because of what fate had brought me, for destiny could not have been better for me.

Rest my life, surgery, therapy, the pain is over … If the kisses healed, you would be the healthiest child in the world. Pedro Solis Garcia.

This is how his own father, Pedro Solis, reports the death of Nicholas at the age of 16, the son who inspired “Strings“, An animated short film that inspired him to life and received, in addition to countless awards, and Goya in 2014.

The documentary, which moved millions of people, managed to give visibility to the social barriers of people and especially children with disabilities.

In an interview with Mediaset, Pedro Solis, the father and producer of the short film, spoke about the reason why “Cuerdas” was born:

Querdas comes from a very important part of my life: the story of my children. When my daughter Alejandra was 6 years old, my little boy Nicholas was born. She lacked oxygen at birth because she had a birth problem and she was born with severe cerebral palsy. But my daughter, instead of moving away from him, as can happen to many siblings who move because of a sudden dismissal, and especially in those cases where the baby, born with difficulty, requires special attention, far from feeling jealous, she loved him with all her heart from the beginning.

My son Nick doesn’t talk, doesn’t walk and never will. And Since the birth of his brother, Alejandro has always tried to introduce him to his daily games: I sat down, put pillows on him, painted, grabbed a rope to pull his arm … he messed with him a thousand ways! And he always loved it very much. I recently found a photo of her holding her brother, who had a six-month-old piece of meat, and Alejandra smiled from ear to ear, proudly looking at the camera as if to say, “This is my brother! look at him! ”. And so the relationship between Nick and Mary is shorter.

It is clear that “Kuerdas” and Nika, as he was affectionately called in the family, are part of our lives and the changes they have caused in informing the public about people with disabilities.

Rest in peace, Nick.

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