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Dies participant in the second stage of the Titan Desert


Spanish Fernando Civera, 46, died "heart failure" during the second stage Titan Desert which is held in Russia last Sunday Morocco, The organization said.

bicyclist He was in a "difficult area of ​​dunes outside the area marked by the conventional navigation aids», Km 55 of the second stage, which took place between Merzouga and Ouzina, 105 km.

Civera has pressed the safety device to prevent the organization and a medical helicopter immediately came salvationBut doctors after resuscitation, can not do anything to save his life.

The organization announced the news of participants at the next meeting is held every day before dinner to prepare the ground for the next day.

Juan Porcar, executive director with Titan Desert, He said details EFe nothing more events to announce the sad news.

"This is a great regiment, the kind that you would never expect in a sport, but as far as we know that these tests & # 39 are the risks of this type. In 14 years nothing ever happened like this. We never prepared for these things, "he said.

Porcar said that "if they came to the area was trying to revive his attendance, but could not do anything to save his life. He was in a very remote place, and everything that happened, apparently, heart failure in the early afternoon. "

Fernando Civera was 46, reached the Titan with a friend, and I know that a couple with a Mexican woman. He worked in the Spanish company.

body cyclist He moved to the city of Er Rachidia. Tuesday suspended the competition and will be a day of mourning.

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