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Discover a method for mosquitoes invisibiliadad person – Juventud Rebelde



Washington, March 31.- The team of molecular biologists USA found that mosquitoes detect the smell of human sweat, looking for their victims to find, although in theory, a way to make people invisible to these insects,

According to Digital Media EurekAlert and Russia Today, mosquitoes are known for treatment of various sensory information to select people nibble: carbon dioxide, body odor, heat, moisture and visual signals.

Now a new study published in the journal Current Biology focuses on the role of a flying smell of human sweat acidic compounds in the process.

Key with & # 39 is known as the olfactory coreceptor Ir8a. The researchers found that mosquitoes do not have a functional version of the gene is less attracted to people. This finding opens the door to new approaches to the development of more effective repellents against mosquitoes.

Ir8a delete function removes about 50 percent of visitors search activity, said lead study author Matthew DeGennaro, neuroscience researcher mosquito Florida International University.

They might find the flavors, masking IR8a track and increase the efficiency of existing repellents like DEET or picaridin. Thus, our discovery can it help people to disappear as potential hosts of mosquitoes, he said.

On the other hand, Ir8a path can also be used to make attractive designed to keep insects away from where people and even make them into traps.

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