Thursday , May 13 2021

Drug dealer Emilio Enrique Martinez, “Chiche Smith”, arrested in Ansaategi

Emilio Enrique Martinez, alias “Chiche Smtih”, is captured in Ansaategi. (Courtesy)

The Bolivarian National Police’s Drug Enforcement Administration (PNB) has arrested a drug dealer Emilio Enrique Martinez, “Chiche Smith,” which has a red code № 00-66-0070-2020.

The detainee is being questioned for alleged drug trafficking, money laundering, trafficking in women and other crimes.

Chavist prosecutor Tarek William Saab said this Saturday that Emilio Enrique Martinez, better known as “Chiche” Smith, whom he called a drug dealer, had been arrested.

In a message on social media, Saab assured that on Sunday Martinez would be charged by the state ministry with crimes: drug trafficking, money laundering, sexual abuse of minors and associations.

Smith, 67, has been charged with being the chief executive of the Paraguan Cartel, a drug trafficking organization that transported tons of drugs across the Caribbean.

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