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Fan of The Legend of Zelda? This wireless charger "home" is perfect for you


Zelda Wireless Charger

Nintendo big bets in the mobile market with the release of several sets of its major benefits, such as pokemon Go. Super Mario Run or expected mario Kart, Some of the games that have been around You are in 2018, with Fire Emblem characters on topAnd those who do not have a title favorite saga of supporters: The Legend of Zelda.

Waiting for a mobile title for the franchise, Link followers can get wireless charger Cell based latest title in the series for the Nintendo switch, breathing wildlife, Mobile charger inspired stone Sheikah Link and it showed a profile Twitter user @ caoki8.

said magazine inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Wild Breath works like any other wireless mobile phone charger ModernaIn addition, it makes noise during operation. Thus, only the last one is not enough placing a compatible smartphone to top for the device to start charging.

Stone-based Charger Sheikah Link

However, the user indicates that the rear part of the phone has come into contact with the charger, so can not be used by the screen while the device is charging, This house is a wireless charger Nintendo inspired by the success of the franchise It will be available only in the Japanese web.

Charger that allows you to show your love for one of the most popular sagas in the world of video gamesFor its part, the Nintendo will continue to bid on mobile games, through which receive 348 million dollars in revenue in 2018Even lift Only $ 117000000 in the fourth quarter of last year.

But this is not the only Japanese company that works as rumors suggest that they are also preparing their the first smartphone designed specifically to play and integration platform for it is best to switch consoles Nintendo and other companies.

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