Thursday , May 13 2021

Fernando Tatis Jr. was sent off after a serious injury

Dominican Fernando Tatis Jr.. had to leave the game against the Cubs after swinging and presenting the obvious trauma on MLB 2021

Fernando Tatis Jr... He struggled for a long time with pain in his left shoulder, at the beginning of training Spting suffered a shoulder injury, which for a week did not allow him to recover.

Now he made an extremely aggressive move and showed a lot of pain, so he was taken out of the game because he could not continue to play, said his team’s doctors. MLB.

Here is the video;

The San Diego Padres reported that these pains had been going on for a long time and that they had managed to manage them, however the discomfort of this magnitude had never been Fernando Tatis Jr..

It is expected that next Tuesday it will be subjected to X-rays to determine how seriously this can be said trauma .

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