Monday , April 12 2021

Green Day «landed" on Mars

United States (STAFF) – Symbolic American punk band realiz surprise announcement on his Twitter account. With social birds network group, which arrived on Mars before. Or, at least, a chip that takes engraved with the words "Green Day Since 1986" s done.

The inscription on the chip landed InSight refers to the year of the founding calliforniana group. Thus, a punk band from & # 39 is the first ever to go beyond the planet and bring his name to the red planet.

InSight lander mission carrying «Green Day» chip & # 39 is closer to the planet Mars research. "Officially landed on Mars» Green Day Since 1986 "was recorded on the chip in @NASAInSight Mars Lander, which landed on Eliza today. Out of this world "was written by Billie Joe Armstrong and the entire group to celebrate the achievement.

The group, consisting of Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar, vocals), Officers Mike Dirnt (bass and vocals) and Tr Cool (battery and choirs), was founded in 1986 under the name Sweet Children, but changed his nickname in 1989 because Warner Records signed another local band with a very similar name: Sweet Baby.

In 1998, the group to capture a first material, while the sweet children called. The work was published in April 1989 i was named 1000 hours. Contains 4 songs written by Armstrong, but one day before the release, which was released only on vinyl, changing its name to Green Day has been decided.

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