Tuesday , August 3 2021

GTA 5 gets photorealistic thanks to the amazing Intel AI

We’ve talked about fashion for before Grand Theft Auto V what they seek to give sandbox Rockstar one photorealistic view changing the texture, lighting and resolution, but this time we found new system which aims to modify its appearance so that it is more like real life without changing any of it, but instead does it through artificial intelligence prepared to change game materials, making it look like a real frame from cars.

There were three scholars-scholars from Intel Labs (Stefan Richter, Hassan Abu Al-Hajja and Vladlen Koltun) who published a new study on modifying synthetic images to make them more realistic. The work of these three people consisted of teaching artificial intelligence, showing him recordings of real cars shot in Germany, and, later, allowing the application of photorealistic modifications to video recordings. Grand Theft Auto V. You can see the final result below:

Photorealism through AI

I wonder what the look is Grand Theft Auto V after passing this filter it may seem less realistic than the graphics in the original game, or perhaps less detail: artificial intelligence modifies the image to reduce certain information present in the game, a creative solution such as asphalt texturewhile reinforcing other aspects such as vehicle reflections or vegetation density. “The game looks good, but it’s not photorealistic,” the researchers say in the video.

Photorealistic shot of Grand Theft Auto V.

This is an academic project works directly with visualized images already obtained in the game and transmitted the latter from this artificial intelligence, so in principle it will not apply to Grand Theft Auto V, or at least today. It is rather a sample of what the game would be like if it intended to accurately reflect reality, something different from those mods that improve the game’s graphics ray tracing and 4K resolution on PC.

In any case, Grand Theft Auto V, available at PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 y PC, it is always a recommended title and it is still the best selling in some countries, such as Spain. You can read our analysis here and look our guide here.

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