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Guaidó, we will reply to the 1st. It can cover more people!


April 29, 2019 7:45 pm

On Sunday, April 28, the President (E), Juan Guaidó, was to speak in the cathedral Barquisimeto Edo. Lara, in order to organize the start of the final stage of operation May 1 Libertad in Caracas.

Nevertheless, Parliament Barquisimeto arrival of people could not materialize because of "roadblocks" in the annex to the early morning on Sunday, police raided the aforementioned Cathedral and prevent the installation of the sound equipment for the speech John Guaidó.

In @ReporteYa we select some comments from our outstanding followers:

Deputy Angel Torres @AngelTorresVP writes: "President (E) @jguaido you answer first. Let more people and to mobilize. "

Our successor, Maria Rodriguez @ mariaro79669374 says: "Venezuela is not going to never give up."

Our follower of Adolph Monsalve @MonsalveAdolfo says: "Of course, we will respond to this great mobilization".

Price, Gerocalderon82 @ gerocalderon82 said: "Everything is absolutely all Venezuelans have to be more united than ever this May 1 st to March for the Venezuelan freedom."

User, asdruval Silva @ asdruval3 says: "This is the Venezuelan people, decisively."

Price, read Espinosa @espinozaleida states: "Thus, it should be the biggest launch this May 1 in the street!"

User, Fosilides @centromercaraca Escobar writes: "See you on May 1 throughout Venezuela. Termination of usurpation, but do not get carried away with violence. "

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